Lise Lykke

Vaerloese, Denmark

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Lise Lykke displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_artist_statement : This is the description I use on my web, to explain the way I work: It is a continuous source of enjoyment and pleasure to play with colors. Every time I start up with a new canvas or paper I am curious to see what will emerge. The process is unpredictable as is the result. Shapes and colors. Small beings, angels and birds. Sun, ocean, mountains, flowers and trees. Big eyed faces and features as from a distant past or alien planet. It emerges while I work and when I find it I grab it and use the opportunity to shape it further. Or I let it be and allow the symphonies and compositions of the colors to emerge. I was born in Denmark in 1955, and I have lived here ever since. My nationality is Danish. I am married and have 3 children, all doing well in life. And I have 2 grandchildren. After high school I travelled to USA, together with a girlfriend, to see the world. We lived at a family in Virginia, and we also toured with the Greyhound busses in the country, from the east coast to the west coast, and across the border to Canada as well as to Mexico. It was a great experience. I was 17 years old. When I came home, I went to college, and afterwards I joined a nursing school. I have been working as a nurse for many years. I am expert nurse educated anaesthesiology, and I have worked for many years at the operation area and emergency room. Also I am expert in pain management, and today I work part time as a nurse at a private center, and I see patients with pain. During the years I have studied acupuncture. I have studied in Denmark and Sri Lanka. I use acupuncture in my daily work with pain patients. It is very helpful. Also I have studied astrology, clairvoyance and palm reading. Today I see clients for palm reading and clairvoyance. I participate in trade fairs. You can see more on me My education, my work and my studies and interests during my life gives me a background to be able to see people behind their facade and feel their emotions and mood. I started to paint in 1998. I was inspired by astrology. During an astrology lesson my teacher told me to practice my talent for creativity. I wondered, I couldn’t think of anything. By second thoughts, I borrowed my daughters crayons, and some paper. I didn’t know what to draw, but then decided to draw astrology. The result was amazing. 10 drawings of the energy of the planets which again gives energy to the zodiac. Mars was the first. I still have the drawings. I have been painting since then. I have been to courses at Anette Martinussen and Birthe Hesselager, 2 Danish artists. I went for 2 years to Birthe, and she especially gave me selfconfidence about drawing. Believe in your work, and whatever you do it is right for you, and do it in your own way. Also I have been attached to 2 galleries, Gallery Dolone and Art Kemi. Today I use acrylic and canvas. I have different techniques. I have written on my web: The colors are applied as blobs, stripes and splashes with mottled randomness. I have distributed the colors roughly with a scraper, placed cellophane on top and rolled out the colors as when you use the cake roll for the pizza dough. After I remove the cellophane paper I lay it on the next canvas and distribute colors and patterns from the previous painting while I apply colors from the tubes. When the cellophane is removed I scrape and pull the colors - emphasize lines, apply colors, remove some and must remember to stop working when the painting is ready. The paintings are painted with acrylic painting which dries relatively fast. You must work with the colors while they are soft. They all get a protective layer of varnish when they have dried. Of course also I use brush, fingers, sponge, whatever. I am very much attracted to the colors. Also I feel very devoted to the nature, which surrounds me where I live. Deer and birds in my garden, horses cows and sheep in the fields next to my house, and a walk in the forests to the lakes, also in the nearest surroundings. I have no awards. I have given paintings away to friends and family, as presents. I have sold paintings in privacy, and from exhibition at art society. I have had many exhibitions at public places like library, culturel centers, cinema, private firm etc. This month I have an exhibition at a cultural center, 28 paintings at ground floor and 1.floor. I am a member of, and president for, the artistic association named Atelier 40. We are 13 artists, all of us painting and making artwork. You can see the webpage: Obstacles? Yes. But seen from today obstacles gives experience for how to handle your life. And I survive every time, so far. Gratifying experience? A lot. My first paintings, connected to astrology. To discover the power you can give a painting by colors, and by the intensity the way you work. To discover the dialog between consciousness and subconsciousness while working. Also my very first exhibition at a local center. And to meet other artists with same interests. And the opportunity to join Agora Gallery. I have no special need to tell cultural and political statements. There is no psychology in my paintings. If I am in a bad mood or having a bad time, I will usually not paint. Though I can express some temper while painting. I will paint only for having a nice time and enjoy. I think that brings some joy and happiness to my paintings as well. Though, after a visit at Killing Fields in Cambodia, I painted my impressions from the extermination camp. You can see it on gallery. I consider myself as a spiritual person but I do not paint spiritual paintings, I think. It is more like to let the painting tell something, that makes people happy. Nice to look at, feelings, emotions. I like when birds and strange aliens appears in my paintings, they are usually very powerful. If a person enjoy my painting and make the day better, I am satisfied. Today I useacryl colours on canvas, and I prefer big sized canvas. Sometimes I use coloursin shade, sometimes colours with contrast. I mix the colours on the canvas, usebroom, spatular, sponge, whatever. Also the fingers can be usefull. I let thepainting and colours work, and see what comes up. Then I grap it, workfurther and shape it. We cooperate, the painting and I. When I start I never know how it ends. I hope people will have a good experience when they see my paintings, and itwill make their day better. Also I like if people have an opinion or maybe somefew words, whatever it may be. I will continue painting, exhibitons. Agora Gallery will be a very good opportunity for me.
ag_biography : On my web I have my CV. All I have been doing, worked with and experienced, gives life to my paintings. I am educated nurse, speciel educated within anaesthesia. I have seen patients and their relatives in sorrow, sickness, happiness, lifeand death, for babies, young people, and people who had a long life. When Istarted painting for about 15 years ago, I was inspired by the astrology, whichI studied at that time for some years. My teacher (and my horoscope) adviced meto be creative, and I started to paint and I have painted since then. My veryfirst paintings illustrated the planets, which gives life to the charachters inthe horoscope. Many years later I made the series again, this time in a biggerscale. You can see them on my web. Everything I have seen and experienced is in my mind, sometimes unconscious,and sometimes it comes to my paintings as figures, faces, moods, light anddark. I prefer to add on a sense of humour. Also I am an educated and experienced palmreader and clairvoyant. In my dailywork as a nurse I see paitents with pain, and use the acupuncture as a part ofthe painthreatment. I see my paintings as a product or result of my life so far. Also I had courses in painting, creativ painting, intuitiv painting. At mystudio with 13 artists we have our own courses, and help and review from eachother.
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