Louise Shields

Gilroy, CA, United States

I am a collage and abstract artist, manifesting creations from my heart and soul with a purpose to educate, connect, and inspire meaningful conversations. My multi-dimensional landscape involving various mediums, elements, textures, and techniques offer not just a visual, but a multisensory experience. These creations encompass bold and vibrant colors, often representing my emotions and interpretations of beauty that surrounds me. Having Produced the First Black History Month Art and Cultural Exhibit in 2014, I procure purposeful art that illuminates beauty in the form of hope during times of struggle. Moved by the challenges and triumphs of women, specifically both past and present, I display art that represents harmony and peace.

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The Soul Of A Woman, 2019

African silk fabric and acrylics on canvas

24" x 12"


Majestic & Mysterious, 2022

Gel medium & acrylics on canvas

24" x 48"


Hidden Treasures, 2022

Liquid coffee, liquid tea, jewelry and acrylics on canvas

24" x 48"


Uncharted, 2022

Liquid espresso, dark liquid coffee and acrylics painted on canvas

24" x 48"