Mariela Soldano

Punta Del Este, Uruguay

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Mariela Soldano displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_updated_at : 2022-03-20 21:23:20 UTC
ag_city : Punta Del Este
ag_region : Uruguay
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ag_artist_statement : My work is the expression of feelings, convictions, rejections, questions, and doubts of the common human being in general and myself.I intend to connect from my unconscious with other unconsciousness, bypassing the thinking or rational interpretation . Nature occupies an important site in my expressing activity. Found objects are more than they really seem, they are perfect triggers for new artworks. Music is always silently represented in many of my artworks. Colors and textures are my perfect companions and my challenge too.
ag_biography : Argentina,born in April 1972. At her thirties, after 10 years working in different companies in the area of public relations and marketing, a postgraduate Diploma in the University of California, and interesting artistic production underground, decides that her love of aesthetic, arts, music, expressions can’t wait. She participates at CASA FOA, teaches at the University of Palermo in the Faculty of Design.Vintage furniture design takes part in her life when the Palermitana movement begins in the Argentine capital, selling them in different businesses of the zone. All this happens while he has his first son, Jordi, who is born in 2003;And takes singing classes, joining different choirs and amateur bands. After a few years, 2011, the second boy arrives and at the same time she takes part in sculpture workshops with Argentine artists, dealing with cement, iron, wood,fiber glass, PET ... moving from design and art in parallel. When her youngest child is about to turn 3, she moves to Uruguay and closes her stage as an interior designer to dedicate herself exclusively to visual arts. She takes part in several art workshops and still does. He studies contemporary art,history and curator ship online in different Latin American institutions, MOMA Online classes, Berlin NODE Curatorial Studies Center among others She exhibits in Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. In 2015, she participates in the call for contemporary art of the Françoise Alliance in Montevideo, where she is chosen to exhibit her "Tribute to Music", She also shows her work at the Argentine Consulate in Punta del Este. One of his works is exhibited at Carrasco International Airport, and another one travels to France's art fair on the Louvre Carousel in October 2016. In 2017, she was represented by a French gallery in New York Art Fair in the month of April, she still exhibits her work in Buenos Aires and her paintings or sculptures are part of many private collections in Miami, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Paris
ag_influences : I travel a lot, I adore knowing different cultures, meeting different people, observing different places. All I get when travelling, definitely affects my work. Also, as I said before, im very influenced by people behavior around me, and the magnanimity of nature. And maybe I could say i use my art expression as a I way of understanding what life is at all
ag_awards :
ag_exhibitions : SOLO EXHIBTIONS Dalarna Cultural Centre – Punta del Este, Uruguay 2018 Argentine Consulate – Maldonado, Uruguay, 2016 Alliance Françoise – Montevideo, Uruguay, 2015 COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS Women in Art – Maldonado, Uruguay 2020 José Ignacio Art - José Ignacio, Uruguay, 2020 ReachingU Foundation Exhibition an Auction - Montevideo, Uruguay, 2019 Ágora New York – New York, USA, 2019 Colonia international Art Exhibition – Colonia, Uruguay, 2018 Art Fair New York – New York, USA, 2017 Montevideo International Airport Exhibition – Montevideo, Uruguay, 2016 Carrusel du Louvre – Paris, Francia, 2016
ag_priority : 100
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ag_artist_firstname : Mariela
ag_artist_lastname : Soldano
ag_artist_tags : Nature,Abstract Art,Smoke,Painting,Mix Media,Music,Contemporary Art,Sculpture,she/her,argentinian,argentine

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