Kenji Inoue

Saiki, Oita, Japan

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Kenji Inoue displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_updated_at : 2022-05-18 09:57:29 UTC
ag_city : Saiki
ag_region : Oita, Japan
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ag_artist_statement : Let`s go rock and roll!! 2/11/2015 I have a word that I want to add Please add them to the press release I love white flowers, butterflies, summer, smile, and Rock 'n' roll ------------------ ARTIST INTERVIEW:What is your birthplace/nationality? > >2. What are your most profound memories of growing up? > >3. How has your origin influenced your artwork? > >4. At what point in your life did you begin to take an interest in >art? > >5. What are the biggest influences on your work? > >6. Have there been any dramatic events in your life that have >changed/shaped your art? > >7. What was the hardest point in your artistic journey? > >8. What was the most gratifying experience for you as an artist? > >9. Describe your frame of mind when creating? What is the >atmosphere like? > >10. What is the personal significance of having your art shown in New >York? > >11. What are your artistic and life goals? What would you like your >art to accomplish? > >12. Is your art geared toward a specific audience? > >13. What kind of organizations do you feel would take a particular >interest in coming to see your exhibition? > >14. What do you believe makes your art stand out in the art world? > my art is no meaning no answer just it`s only running
ag_biography : Japanese artist Kenji Inoue prefers not to discuss his work. A firm believer in painting as uniquely capable of communicating the ineffable, Inoue leaves it to the audience to interpret his work. Not only does the artist approach painting as a language unto itself, but in his work he also tends to represent a self-contained world apart from ours. Inoue depicts elaborate dreamlike landscapes, inviting the viewer to travel with him through their fantastical spaces. The artist applies paint freely and loosely, usually using oil or acrylic on canvas. Fluid brush strokes and thin washes of paint contribute to an atmospheric feel of his work. In Inoue’s fantasy realms air and water are by far the dominant elements. While the artist generally stays within the framework of representational painting, referencing recognizable objects and characters, his landscapes could also be “read” as abstractions. Inoue’s adept use of his medium allows him to successfully navigate between the two traditions. The representational elements of his work often carry symbolic meaning, whose interpretation the artist leaves to the viewers.
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ag_artist_firstname : Kenji
ag_artist_lastname : Inoue
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