Cassi Paguio

New York, NY, United States

I am a Filipino artist working in a variety of disciplines, including painting, illustration, sculpture, installation, digital art, and marine photography. My work ranges from the realistic and representational to the highly surreal and conceptual. I draw inspiration from Filipino colonial history, mythology, and literature, exploring cultural identity from a decolonized perspective. Through traditional portraiture, I seek to represent Filipino Morenas in contrast with the frequent appearance of European women in Filipino classical art. My most recent work is influenced by many years of experience as a certified rescue scuba diver and underwater photographer. The work focuses on marine data I gathered from multiple tropical coral reefs, which will be explored through a series of large-scale oil paintings. In addition to depictions of the ocean, I like to push the boundaries of human interaction with water and explore water in different aesthetic forms.

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Flow, 2021

Oil on linen

18" x 24"


Marine Heterotopia, 2022

Oil on linen

36" x 24"


Portal I, 2022

Oil on linen

36" x 24"


Abstract triptych influenced by coral reefs, 2021

Mixed media on canvas

11" x 42"


11" x 14" each