Curated Spaces

Get to know more about our artists and their techniques.

Highlights from Our June Exhibition “Through the Bramble”

Agora Gallery presents a roundup of interior spaces featuring work from its latest exhibition. 

Curated Interiors: Spring 2024

Agora Gallery presents a roundup of interior spaces featuring work from the its latest collection for the spring season.

Abstract Art: Then and Now

Abstract artists have consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional aesthetics and representation in painting throughout history. Their influence continues to shape the practice of artists today.

Beyond Blueprints: Artists Redefining Architecture Through Captivating Canvases

Discover how artists incorporate architectural elements into their aesthetic visions.

How to Start Collecting Art: A Beginner’s Guide

There has never been a better time to starting collecting art!

Japanese Calligraphy – The Fine Art of Writing

Learn more about Japanese’s calligraphy rich history and global influence, its elements and styles, and ways to study and experience it.

Valentine’s Day Special: How many shades of love can you name?

A one of a kind, fine art piece is the perfect way to show your love. Take a sneak peek into our Valentine’s day special gift guide for inspiration

Agora Holiday Gift Guide

To help you choose among so many wonderful artworks and simplify the process, we have created a Holiday Gift Guide

Agora Gallery at Spectrum Miami 2018

Agora Gallery’s 2018 Spectrum Miami exhibit offers a number of ways to be seduced by art. There is no point trying to resist!

National Hispanic Heritage Month Special

To celebrate the National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are showcasing the work of several Hispanic artists we proudly represent.

Miniature Artworks

Discover the world of miniature artworks available on ARTmine.

Art We Crave: Cubism

Whether it’s a deconstruction of forms or a deliberate separation of hues, this technique never stops amusing its viewers. Take a glimpse into the world of cubism-inspired works on ARTmine.

Trending Art On ARTmine – Summer 2017

From dynamic abstracts to captivating contemporary portraits, find out what is trending on ARTmine this summer.

Exploring Acrylic Art

Journey into the captivating and vibrant world of acrylics from ARTmine!

Geometric Abstraction

Discover the world of geometric abstraction on ARTmine.