Trending Art On ARTmine – Summer 2017

From dynamic abstracts to captivating contemporary portraits, find out what is trending on ARTmine this summer.

ARTmine has been having an incredible season so far. Contemporary portraits and abstract works are what people are after this summer, and we’re not surprised. Both movements captivate the imagination, revealing a universe of possibilities in each canvas.

Take a look at these curated spaces with works sold by our artists to know what’s trending on ARTmine this summer!


Arlette Zurbuchen

Playing with form, textures, and patterns, Arlette Zurbuchen paints performative pieces in acrylic on canvas. “For me, there is a deep and abiding connection between art and life – art takes place and plays a role in life, and life in art,” she says. Filling up the background with saturated patterns before rendering the subject in vibrant hues, she brings every inch of her canvas to life.

Metalic Gloss III

Irma Lescinskaite

Lithuanian artist, Irma Lescinskaite creates dynamic abstract expressionist works inspired by her cultural background in combination with personal experiences and events. “Cultural history is reflected and based on conscious and directed interpretation, which is brought into my paintings,” says the talented artist. Through her visual imagery, she seeks to synchronize and synthesize the worldly and otherworldly realities that we all grapple with on a daily basis.


Gail Comes

Gail Comes grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan among jazz musicians, dancers, writers, and painters. The fascinating world naturally sparked her creativity and its influence is clear in her bold, surrealist portraits. “I see a body or a face that grabs me and I try to grab it back!” says the artist.

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Texture Black and White II

Erin Cooke

Humming with activity, Erin Cooke’s abstracts explore depth and movement in color. The artist plays with shades and tints, sometimes choosing a range to work in – warm tones, earth tones, or even monotone – and sometimes allowing a sunny rainbow palette to explode across the canvas. Within her chosen limits, she explores contrast and teases subtleties out of each color.

Secretos I

Patricia Queiruga

With an ever-changing combination of paints, Patricia Queiruga builds work that is both organic and dynamic. “I believe that experimentation is the key to being an artist,” she says. Inspired by music, the artist makes energetic choices in acrylic, oil, and mixed media, translating the exciting notes into a visual practice.

Sketch for the Series White Dreams 11445

Pedro Alberti

“I have always believed that all artistic expression is basically an abstraction of real life,” says the innovative artist, Pedro Alberti. Building subtle compositions, he layers his canvases with layered boxes and rough, ghost like forms. The geometry of each composition serves as a reminder of the fragility of the abstracted images on the surface. Part painting and part assemblage, Alberti’s work is exploratory and immersive, allowing viewers to experience shifting interiors and exteriors in a multidimensional space.

Museums In New York City

Han-Yuan Yu

“I believe my artwork can be a brand-new style of art,” says Taiwanese artist, Han-Yuan Yu. Combining an academic oil palette with vibrant colors and folkloric themes, his paintings juxtapose figurative compositions with decorative elements. What makes Yu’s work so unique is the level of expressionism captured in his subjects. He seeks to tell a story, to unravel a narrative and draw the viewer into his imaginative world.


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