Artist Spotlight

Get to know more about our artists and their techniques.

The Somber Sculptures of Jerry Atkins

Jerry Atkins’ perception of the mind, in combination with his thoughts about original sin and human nature, translates into an oeuvre that portrays mankind’s never-ending struggle

Spontaneous Expression: The Art of Gordon Massman

Gordon Massman’s art is inspired by Abstract Expressionism, confessional poetry, and Beat Generation literature; all movements rooted in real-life experiences

Color, Light, and Humanity: The Art of Belle Roth and her Mission for Charity

Through her unique application of textured acrylics, spray paints, and gold leaf, Belle Roth inspires viewers to reflect on their own collective capabilities and to pursue a better world.

Steven Manolakis: Ethereal aerial abstract photography

The aerial photographs of Steven Manolakis record remote landscapes and capture compositional moments of seamless ethereal abstractions

Ronnie Genotti: Tangled Tonality and the Complex Lines in His Art

Embracing color, gesture, and line, the multimedia artist employs an assortment of materials, including oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, and photography to create emotional landscapes.

Thomas von Palubitzki: On Materials and Form

Thomas von Palubitzki’s signature flatworks hover somewhere in between a wall relief and a painting, adding visual intrigue for the viewer.

All the Pretty Colors: The Many Shades of Simone Schwarz’s Paintings

Undoubtedly, Simone Schwarz mines her psychic space to generate soulful paintings that deliver healing auras and thought-forms in astral colors.

Sahar Khalkhalian – The Plight of the Immigrant: A Gamble of Destiny

Sahar Khalkhalian forges large-scale, gestural paintings that seethe with raw emotion, carrying out a collective voice about themes of displacement, loss of humanity, and trauma. 

The Multifaceted Artworks of Maisoon Al Saleh

A self-proclaimed storyteller, Al Saleh’s cloaked narratives investigate Emirati culture and aim to unpack societal views about how it is portrayed by the mainstream media.

Contemporary Consciousness: Exploring the Calligraphic Art of Sempu Nakajima

Sempu Nakajima attempts to break Japanese characters free from their traditional form, while simultaneously respecting their beauty and tradition.

Art at Glimpse: The Contemporary Dreamscapes of Multimedia Artist Evelyna Helmer

An alluring cocktail of mystery and nostalgia, Evelyna Helmer’s representational collages redirect us into a fragmented world of unanswered questions, entropy and isolation.

Abbey Mubiru: iPhone photography from curiosity to fine art

Abbey’s iPhone photography appropriately communicates a deep thirst for moments of silence, reflection and solace.

Inspired by Paul Cézanne

Explore a curated collection of artworks that pay tribute to the Post-Impressionist movement in a variety of styles.

Rebecca Katz: Art and Cooking as a Therapy

”I grew up with a spatula in one hand and a paintbrush in another among a family of artists and cooks. I’ve blended the two together, as chef/author of 5 award-winning cookbooks and a mixed media artist.”

Marlene Kurland: commissioning happy moments

Marlene is frequently commissioned for family paintings, ordered by collectors from all over the world and inspired by their favorite photos. The artist always looks forward to painting the love of her clients and turn this into a gift they will treasure forever!

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