Green Your Collection With The Work of These Eco-Conscious Artists

In celebration of Earth Day, we present the creations of three artists committed to environmental advocacy through their art.

In this pivotal era defined by pressing environmental challenges, art transcends mere expression to become a potent force for change. As we confront the profound repercussions of climate change, deforestation, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity, artists worldwide are harnessing their creative energies to spark vital conversations, instigate self-reflection, and galvanize action in defense of our planet.

On this Earth Day 2024, we highlight the work of three landscape painters, Jess Jacobs, Maribel Matthews, and Jeannette Hasler-Gobbi. Each of these artists has committed their craft to shedding light on the fragility of our ecosystem and awakening a sense of guardianship for our imperiled planet.

Through their poignant creations, we aim to kindle a renewed reverence and stewardship for the Earth, encouraging viewers to contemplate the intricate beauty of our surroundings and recognize the urgency of safeguarding it for generations to come. By supporting their work, you not only acquire a beautiful piece of art for your home but also make a valuable contribution to preserving our delicate planet. 

This month, all three artists will donate 10% of their sales proceeds to an environmental cause that is close to their hearts.

Jess Jacobs

Jess Jacobs, Fanau Ola Mai Le Oti (Birth, Life and Death), 2023, acrylic on canvas, 59″ x 79″

Jess Jacob’s luxuriant landscapes are a triumph of Mother Nature. A New Zealand painter of Samoan descent, Jacobs crafts nature scenes that pay homage to the Pacific region’s breathtaking beauty. 

Her artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her ancestral ties and a profound connection to Samoa, fueled by the tales of her grandmother’s childhood in Apia. Delving into the historical and colonial narratives of the Pacific, Jacobs scrutinizes their impact on Samoa’s landscapes and its people, alongside the looming specter of climate change. Her exploration delves deep into how these small island developing states adapt and mold themselves in the face of external threats, emphasizing the intrinsic connection between humanity and nature. 

Through her art, Jacobs highlights the enduring legacy left for future generations, grounded in the cultural significance of the land, its flora, fauna, and the profound values enshrined within the myths and legends of creation and evolution. “Just as the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, sometimes we need to shed our former shell and take on a new paradigm shift,” she says. “This regeneration, growth and transformation, dark and light, new life, and death of the old is portrayed in my work and I embrace growth, beauty, life, hope, and its preservation from a feminine perspective.”

Ten percent of Jacobs’ sales proceeds will be donated to The Save Manumea Campaign, an initiative aiming to prevent the extinction of the manumea, Samoa’s national bird.

Maribel Matthews

Maribel Matthews, Purple Trees, 2021, acrylic on cardboard, 30″ x 40″

British painter Maribel Matthews has undergone a profound transformation in her artistic endeavors, driven by a deep-seated concern for the looming climate crisis. Her concern led her from traditional landscape depictions to vibrant Fauvist-inspired landscapes crafted with environmentally friendly materials. 

Reflecting on the profound impact of climate change on our planet, Matthews acknowledges the imperative of her role as an artist in addressing this pressing issue. Transitioning from her previous focus on Venice and its historical significance, she now channels her creativity toward depicting the escalating environmental crisis. 

Through her abstract pieces, Matthews captures the alarming increase in natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, storms, and deforestation caused by fires, harnessing the power of color to convey the intensity of these phenomena and inspire action among viewers.  As a former teacher, Matthews sees her art as a vehicle for education and change, hoping that her pieces will not only raise awareness about the realities of climate change but also serve as a catalyst for building a better world.

Ten percent of Matthews’ sales proceeds will be donated to EARTHDAY.ORG, a non-profit organization with a mission to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. 

Jeannette Hasler-Gobbi

Jeannette Hasler-Gobbi, Drowning Apple, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 27″ x 39″

Swiss artist Jeannette Hasler-Gobbi draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring power of nature. Her artwork vividly captures the changing seasons, diverse flora and fauna, and celestial events, reflecting the vibrant life that surrounds us. Using acrylic paints in bold primary colors, combined with white and black, Hasler-Gobbi conveys the dynamic beauty of the natural world. 

Hasler-Gobbi’s artwork pulsates with the raw energy of nature, manifested in explosive displays of color and form. Multifaceted pom poms cascade from the heavens, while a myriad of dots coalesce into vibrant blooms, and cascades of rose petals shower against golden backdrops. Through bold strokes of acrylic paint, she infuses her canvases with vitality, capturing the dynamic essence of Creation.

As an artist deeply connected to nature, Hasler-Gobbi sees her art as a vehicle for both self-expression and education. Through her work, she not only explores her own inner journey but also shares her knowledge with students in community colleges. With each stroke of her brush, she seeks to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of our planet while also urging action to combat the existential threat of the global climate crisis.

Ten percent of Hasler-Gobbi’s sales proceeds will be donated to Greenpeace.  


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