Color, Light, and Humanity: The Art of Belle Roth and her Mission for Charity

Through her unique application of textured acrylics, spray paints, and gold leaf, Belle Roth inspires viewers to reflect on their own collective capabilities and to pursue a better world.

Belle Roth is an artist whose works are a fusion of color, light, and architecture, exploring human interconnection through her unique use of form and composition. With a strong foundation in abstraction, Roth’s pieces are a testament to the power of creativity, unearthing deconstructed forms and highlighting them with shimmering gold, neutral color fields, and vibrant hues. Using textured acrylics, spray paints, and gold leaf, Roth creates dynamic narratives centered around family, community, equality, and overcoming adversity, rooted in her Southeast Asian heritage. Belle Roth’s signature is a misplaced “splashy-splash” of color and an intentional unfinished mark” that reminds her that imperfections can actually express something meaningful.    Join us as we delve into the world of Belle Roth and explore her powerful art that celebrates the joy and inspires us to pursue a better world.

This February, Belle is donating one artwork from her brand-new series Montreal to the 2023 Mid-South Heart Ball celebrated by the American Heart Association. With an impressive track record of successful participation in fairs, exhibitions, and charity events, we discussed with Belle more about her participation in the upcoming live auction and plans for this year.

How did you start working with the American Heart Association?  What does Heart Month and joining up with the organization means to you?

Three years ago, a remarkable series of events opened up new avenues of exploration for me. It was as if the universe had conspired to direct my attention towards two pursuits – Agora Gallery and the American Heart Association – that I hadn’t considered before but which would become integral parts of my journey into self-discovery.

Every day, I am fortunate to experience my husband’s selfless, supportive nature and dedication to helping friends with their charities and this has truly awakened something inside me. That one day, I  can follow his example by giving back with powerful expressions of beauty and creativity to the community. And that day happened 3 years ago.

Montreal Day 1, Acrylic on Canvas 48″ x 60″

You have been involved with many charitable causes over the years, including the American Heart Association, and the NY Foundling to name a few. How has giving back through your art shaped your life?  What impact has it had on your practice?

 Along with my journey of self-discovery, I discovered something truly invaluable: when you reach deep within yourself and give freely to the world around you, life tends to offer its own rewards. Amazingly enough, it’s also allowed me to meet collectors who have a similar passion for giving back – an enriching experience that has rewarded both them and myself in ways beyond measure as we are both able to help more people in the process.

Can you tell us more about the works that you have donated to the charity so far?

I have donated a selection of my artwork from the Agora Gallery collection. Each piece is gallery quality and carefully curated and chosen by me together with Sabrina Gilbertson for their unique beauty and esteemed value that will benefit the organizations.

Through this passion, my artwork was able to transcend beyond Memphis and has been able to reach far and wide – from the bustling city of Washington D.C., all the way down south to Little Rock in Arkansas! It’s amazing how art can transcend regional boundaries like this.

Where are you now on your journey? What’s next for you and your art?

Montreal Day 1 2023 will be debuting at  American Heart Association and the rest of the collection will be seen in May 2023 at Agora Gallery.

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I’m an avid explorer, with a never-ending passion for traveling. My recent visits to the Hamptons, Couer d’Alene, Bahamas, and upcoming Alaska with the family will provide me with plenty of inspiring ideas so I can continue my journey in the next couple of years.

View more artworks available for sale on Belle Roth’s ARTmine page.


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