Geometric Abstraction

Discover the world of geometric abstraction on ARTmine.

One of the most revolutionary movements in the art world, Geometric Abstraction has been around since the twentieth century. Popularized by artists like Frank Stella and Piet Mondrian, the style is also an integral part of a number of cultural practices like Islamic art, which completely depends on the usage of geometric patterns and calligraphy. Over the years, several celebrated artists have adopted this style and made it their own.

At Agora Gallery too, we have a number of artists practicing this style of painting. From clean and crisp shapes to figurative geometry, there is a wide range of exceptional abstract works of art to choose from. Here is a collection of the best works of Geometric Abstraction from ARTmine.


Acrylic on Canvas, 39.5″ x 39.5″

“Just as aesthetic as they are psychological, the geometric forms in my work burst into every sphere of life, allowing us to visualize the invisible,” says abstract artist Osvaldo Bacman about his lively geometric paintings. For Bacman, art has an inherently positive quality that combats the evils of the world; it is a true force for good.


Oil on Canvas, 79″ x 75″

Catherine Timotei uses pure pigments mixed with linseed oil, applied on linen canvas with a squeeze allowing various lengths of time for the drying process, stretched on multi-dimensional layers of colors to create a visual illusion, with the supreme temptation to create a precious stone in its mysterious and fascinating glow.


Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″

Artist Roberta Caviglia approaches each painting like a puzzle, carefully mapping out the space with geometric lines and patterns. Subtle shifts in hue create depth in the frame as the viewer tries to derive some sense of order or meaning from the overall pattern. “Because I still find peace in geometric blocking and predictable patterns, I often find myself integrating these conflicting aesthetics upon the final product seen on canvas: pure expression”, says Roberta.

Acrylic on Canvas

“Along with medicine, engineering and all other fields, art is in a constant quest for discovery. My search in the visual art is spirituality, intellectualism and aesthetics. I draw my inspirations from literature, classical music, stage designs, vocal art, choreographic lines in ballet and modern dance” — Ai-Wen Wu Kratz.

Acrylic on Canvas

The meticulously rendered paintings of Poonam Verma are celebrations of femininity. Creating colorful composition that are almost pointillistic in style, it’s typical of Verma’s work that a woman emerges as the subject of her work. Colored block by colored block, these figures express a range of different attitudes and present themselves through a variety of demeanors.

Mixed Media & Ink on Paper, 29″ x 39″, $12000 (each)

“My art is the result of all the sense imprints I have experienced during my lifetime.
The search for a deeper understanding of harmony, hidden in the messages coming from a particular situation or object, is the fundamental focus of my work, says Dar Wolfe.


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Dive into the world of geometric abstraction and explore the wide selection of artworks available on ARTmine.


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