Holidays Special

A holiday special selection of artworks for every kind of association as well as space.

The holidays are just around the corner and we are sure you’re eagerly looking forward to buying gifts for your loved ones that they will cherish for years to come. We’re convinced that there is absolutely no better way to show your love and appreciation than a hand-picked original work of art. Watch as even the pickiest and hardest-to-shop-for person on your list struggles for words, amazed, as they unwrap an original, one-of-a-kind painting, sculpture, or a collograph.

Holidays Special Gift Guide

This  holiday season we’ve created a beautiful Gift Guide that will inspire you to pick a perfect holiday gift for the most special people on your list, including yourself. Even though we’re craving all of the art in our guide, we’ve decided to showcase a couple of works from each category. Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, get cozy, and take a look.

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Home Is Where The Art Is

Art is an essential part of decorating and making a home. Whether you live in an urban loft or a cozy country space, by decorating your home with works of art you add a little bit of your own personality to the house. Find something for your loved ones that will compliment their personality and liven up their home in our Home Is Where The Art Is category.

holidays special gift guideRed And Pink Gladioli

Oil on Canvas
36″ x 28″

Robert Ellison’s paintings are a subtle mixture of the delicacy of realism and the freedom of abstraction. Capturing the essence of the everyday in the most beautiful manner, his vibrant and cheerful paintings would be a wonderful addition to any home. 



holidays special gift guide


Prosperity Charm

25″ x 23.6″

Jacky Cheng creates absolutely stunning works of art by employing the ancient art of paper folding. The delicately woven work, Prosperity Charm has the symmetry and energy of a mandala and at the same time emits a calming and peaceful charm, Isn’t that what every home needs?


Addicted To Love

A carefully hand-picked piece of art is both thoughtful as well as timeless. What could express your love more towards someone than an artwork as precious and as personal as the connection you share with that person? The complete Addicted To Love collection is here.

holidays special gift guide

Romantic Walk

Oil on Canvas
47″ x 31.5″

With a bold, expressive use of colors and a strong sense of composition, Andrey Figol creates the most engaging paintings. Working in oil, he makes the most of the richness and the intensity the medium provides. Romantic Walk is as much dreamy as it is captivating. It is truly an ideal gift for someone that holds a special place in your heart.



holidays special gift guide


Soul Exchange

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas
32″ x 24″

Channeling emotion into her works of art, Hungarian artist Rita Galambos creates a poetic blend of figurative and abstract forms. “I try to be very smooth and ethereal with my art,” says the artist. Soul Exchange is a captivating painting but it is more an expression of purity and compassion, and thus an ideal present for a loved one.


Office Space

The words “corporate culture” are the approach to take when it comes to offices and corporate settings today. Companies are increasingly taking interest in how culture and creativity can affect employees’ feelings about the businesses they work for. Gifting art to a business associate is the best way to break the monotony of office life and add a little color to it. Inspire, energize, and stimulate creativity with artworks from our Office Space category.

holidays special gift guide


Giclee Print on Paper
33″ x 23″

An award-winning graphic designer, Rejane Dal Bello makes use of Google Earth satellite maps to create prints that combine strong colors and an inventive approach to composition. “It seems like the earth is an abstract form, ready for you to interpret,” says the artist. Full of energy and vibrancy, Dal Bello’s images would be a great source of motivation in any office space.


holidays special gift guide


109-14 Cordoba 1

Oil Pastel on Paper
24″ x 20″

Taking inspiration from her travels across Denmark, Marianne Bech creates works of art that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also provoke contemplation. This particular work, with its bright colors and intriguing composition, would be perfect for bringing out freshness and inspiration in a corporate setting.


The Pale Blue Dot

John O’Donohue, the Irish poet, once said, “When we experience the beautiful, there is a sense of homecoming.” Gift someone a work of art that will instantly brighten up their day and invite them to explore and contemplate the beautiful landscapes of our world. Our Pale Blue Dot category features landscape and the natural world artworks from artists.

holidays special gift guide


Oil on Canvas
30″ x 40″

“Painting is the essence of my life, an unexplained necessity to express something that I feel or imagine,” says landscape painter, Monika Gloviczki. She describes her work as a form of “silent music”, a symphony played by pigments to form a harmony of composition and color, a song describing deeper layers and moving beyond the banalities of everyday life to reveal what’s extraordinary.


holidays special gift guide




From the Series Contracorriente 7

29″ x 17″

Translating the rhythms and movements of the oceanic life into his works, Juan Salazar creates stunning collographs that encourage the viewer to find beauty in unexpected places. These lively works are ideal gifts for any nature lover; instantly pulling the viewer in and transporting them into a limitless world with endless possibilities and vastness.



Staff Picks

At Agora Gallery, we come across exciting and brilliant works of art every day. It is a truly inspiring profession and teaches us to appreciate all forms and styles of art. However, at times, we come across a work of art that we instantly connect with and wish that we could take home with us. Here are some of the pieces we fell in love with this year!

holidays special gift guide

Maree Basse

Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 24″

Sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, Chantal Roy’s works are a perfect balance between the exquisiteness of realistic art and the mystery of abstraction. Inspired by nature, her works blend environmental forms with flights of imagination. They are an absolute delight to encounter and inspire an even better experience for the viewer.

holidays special gift guide



A Ti Greco

Oil on Wood
39.5″ x 31.5″

Sharp compositions and a bold palette are the essential characteristics of Franck Sastre’s paintings. “I like to express new sensations of color that can give emotion to a painting,” he says, and by bringing bright yellows, greens and blues into the mix, he animates each image, creating an appealing sense of spontaneity.


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