Artist Spotlight

Get to know more about our artists and their techniques.

Hiroshi Wada: The Modern Master of an Ancient Art of Calligraphy

The artist believes in the importance of modernizing the practice and aspires to create calligraphy that is modern and even avant-garde as well as rooted in traditional shodo.

Benjamin L.M. Symbolic Expressionism

Benjamin L.M. embraces art and the art-making process with a passion that borders on reverence.

The Garden of Dreamscape Delights: A Conversation with YoungHee Woo

YoungHee Woo’s major source of inspiration is the idea of interconnectedness of life and death processes. Scrutiny of this question yields her intriguing, often mesmerizing works.

Rebel with a Cause: A Conversation with El Bastardo

“I never had a mentor. I am self-taught and worked many years before I found my personal style, which is based mainly on street art and comic books.”

Tattoo as a New Aesthetic Form: In Conversation with Gabriele Pellerone

“I wanted to find a way to make the tattoo immortal, so I thought about tattooing paintings, in this way a tatauggio can be put on display in a gallery, a museum and the work of a tattoo artist can be viewed forever over time.”

Giving film posters a new life and function – Nello Petrucci

“My artworks strive to project an alternate sense of reality which is not solely based on what is visible, but another reality projected by allowing my subconscious to freely express itself.”

Pictures of The Floating World – Satoco Yamamoto

Satoco Yamamoto’s artwork strives to capture universal emotions and memories by combining processes such as woodblock, monotype, etching, and silkscreen.

The Colorful, Rhythmic and Boundless Art of Ali Cockburn

“An ex-national swimmer and now an avid Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarder, I take a lot of inspiration from the ocean.”

The Story Behind #Americanoh, a Portrait Series by Zie Otto

“This young project is where I landed in my attempt to photograph those who had immigrated to the U.S. from countries in Africa and had integrated into the American ethos.” – Zie Otto

First, Make it Beautiful: Michael Dolen

“I sign on to the notion that in art, everything is permitted.”

Confronting The Unconscious: Sydnei SmithJordan Interview

“The main impetus of my work is liberating one’s mind, self, and society. I reach deep into all that is true in myself and my unconscious mind, whether it is an experience or a dream.”

Discovering the Identity Awareness: Heesu Choi

“The concept of my work is to find pure, primitive natural conditions that are forgotten in the contemporary world.”

The Anatomy Of Expression – Larry Greenberg

“With each brush stroke, the painting “speaks” to me and directs my next move.” – Larry Greenberg

Examining The Subconscious – Frank M. Alba

“In the end, my paintings represent subconsciously the moments that impact one’s life.” – Frank M. Alba

Seeking Beauty In All Things – Maribel Matthews

Maribel Mathews’ work pays homage to the ever-abounding good in life that is lived but often unseen.