How to Make Your Home Look Bigger Through Art

Besides making your home a more beautiful place to live, you should also try making it bigger through artwork.

by Mark Litman

Beautifying your house with art is a wonderful way to make it more attractive. However, there is no reason to stop there. Besides making it a more beautiful place to live, you should also try making your home bigger through artwork.
Not everyone has the luxury to live in a spacious house, but there are ways to make the space you own seem larger. There are many creative ideas to use artworks with this goal in mind, so let’s look at how can you have fun while decorating your rooms!

Understanding the space

Before we can talk about ideas for making your home bigger through artwork, it is essential to understand the space in your rooms. Some of the key factors are:

  • height of the ceiling: A great idea to make your room bigger is to exploit the height of the ceiling. If you have a low ceiling, you could try placing a nice, tall lamp with artistic shades. If the lamp goes to the top of the ceiling, that will create an effect that your room is larger. That’s because people are used to small lamps.

    It is a fact that tall stripes make everything look bigger than it is. Use that when painting your walls to make the ceiling taller. Silver Dust, Acrylic on Canvas, 39.5″ x 12″ by Konka
  • color of the walls
  • room lighting
  • the amount of furniture and other accessories
  • layout and placement of furniture

Even though the main idea is utilizing artwork, it is crucial to understand the rest of the factors.

The art on the lampshades can be anything, from colorful material, painted images, or embroidered artwork. The limit is only your creativity. Color of the walls

The color of the walls plays the most essential role in making a room look bigger. If you decide to paint the walls with an artistic touch, there are a few key points regarding colors that you must know:

  • dark colors absorb light
  • bright colors open up space

With that in mind, it is important to remember one more rule: The best way to open the room with artistic walls is to use bright colors and create a nice contrast.

Have in mind that, whatever you decide to paint on the wall, the structure of the textures will leave an effect on the size of the room. Try making long, thin patterns that go from the bottom of the wall to the top of the ceiling. Also, you can even paint over a part of the ceiling and play with shadows and colors to create a 3D effect.

Another idea is to paint one of the shorter walls in a dark color, and the other three in a brighter one. That will create an effect of a longer room. It’s best to experiment with patterns, but know that it will cost you money, and it can become a mess you will have to clean up later.


Allowing natural light into the room is the best way to make your place look bigger. If you have small rooms, there are a lot of dark corners. Natural lighting will make everything brighter, and it will be an amazing addition to any beautiful art that you might put up on the wall.

The layout of the furniture

No matter how many beautiful paintings you hang, if your room is cramped with furniture, nothing will help in making it bigger. For that reason, declutter your place first. Throw away, donate, or sell any old furniture that you don’t use any longer. For those pieces that you decide to keep, make sure to arrange them so the center of the room is open.

Use paintings to decorate and extend your walls

I understand that people who are not into it often ask why buy original art?
However, having paintings in your rooms doesn’t only make them more aesthetically appealing. When we talk about making your home bigger through artwork, this is an excellent way to do it. Just how we talked about painting your walls in bright colors and making a contrast, you can also choose paintings that will create the same effect. You can use the same principle I mentioned with artistic lamps. Placing a tall painting can create the feeling that your ceiling is higher than it is. Also, another piece of advice is to make some space around the painting, so it could stand out. That way, whoever stands to look at it will feel like they are standing in a bigger room.

Using artistic wallpapers and posters

Before you actually decide on this step, you should know that putting wallpapers can be a difficult job. Furthermore, it is even more difficult to remove them afterward. With that being said, you can be really creative with wallpapers. The best idea is to tape them on the entire side of the wall. Although there are quite nice wallpapers with artistic details, you can also buy wallpapers with elements of nature, or create your own creative posters.

A black and white photo of a city skyline
Imagine having a wallpaper that shows the skyline of a city on your entire wall. It will create an effect of having a large window.
NYC At A Glance, Silver Gelatin Print, 23.5″ x 39.5″, Limited Edition of 6 by Moving Elephant by Mark

When combined with natural lighting, wallpapers or posters might create an effect of your room becoming an extension of the outside world.

Moving your art collection

If you are looking for a new place to live, have no worries when it comes to moving your paintings. People often worry that the canvas will be damaged. Nevertheless, if you wish to relocate your cherished pieces of art, you should hire professionals used to moving expensive items. When it comes to packing and moving paintings, you will want to find someone who has experience and knows what they are doing.

There you have it, a few simple and easy ideas for making your home bigger through artwork. And remember, having paintings in your home has a deeper goal, which is to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Art is a vacation for the soul!

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Mark Litman has been working as an interior decorator for over 10 years and has recently started writing for different blogs, where his passion can help other people. His main interests include interior design, art, music, etc. Mark is also a husband and father of three, currently living in Chicago.


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