How to Build an Art Collection

When purchasing artworks for your home, the golden rule is to always purchase what you love.

When considering what to hang on your walls, which can be anything from Tibetan rugs, African motif masks, photography, or paintings – the holy grail of wall art – take your time making a decision.

Establish a relationship with a gallerist or an artist who shares your aesthetic values and understands your design sensibilities and your emotional connections to the artwork. This individual should be someone with whom you feel comfortable and will work with you without pressure to help you achieve your vision of an integrated living environment for you, your family and your guests.
Artworks by Agora artist Lillian Gray

When purchasing artworks for your home, the golden rule is to always purchase what you love, to select artworks that evoke emotion and a connection to a poignant event or time in your life. Art buyers who attempt to match the artwork to their sofa or window dressing are actually far and few between. We often speak with collectors who return to the gallery after purchasing a work of art and comment about the joy they feel in being surrounded by what they take pleasure in seeing each and every day. Often times a treasured photograph, a piece of sculpture or a print becomes the focal point of conversation when guests visit, and the pleasure that the artwork brings is experienced over and over again as if for the first time. Also, consider the fact that what you bring to your home is an extension of who you are because you identified with it. It is a way of allowing guests to have a deeper understanding of who you are without verbal communication but with a visual manifestation of your state of being!

Artworks by Patricia Gray


Collecting Contemporary Art Through Agora Gallery

The first step to becoming a collector often starts with a visit to our dedicated art marketplace, ARTmine. Here, you can view all works by our represented artists that are currently for sale. Each artwork is categorized by medium to make your search easier. When you find something that catches your eye, you can purchase directly from the website, or, you can pay a visit to the gallery to see how the art looks hanging on the wall. Our dedicated staff are always on hand to discuss your needs or offer advice when requested.

Need some specific advice regarding your art collection or help in starting afresh? Benefit from our curatorial services! To know more, contact us at [email protected]

Artworks by Sieglinde Scharf


Collectors Stories

Joel and Diane Fernandez visited Agora Gallery after coming across several artworks on ARTmine that they were enamored with. As seasoned art enthusiasts, they were already familiar with the collecting process. They chose several works with the intention that they would become part of a larger collection of art from several different galleries. The collection took close to a year to complete but it is one of the most magnificent personal collections one could hope for.

Feeling inspired? Check out our extensive collection of artworks on ARTmine.

*This article was originally published in ARTisSpectrum magazine.


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