Humor And Satire

These unique works of art, layered with humor and satire, will make you laugh and ponder our social behavior at the same time.

From Surrealism to Pop Art, humor and satire have been a recurring underlying emotion in works of art for a long time. Sometimes these artworks crack you up, and other times they manage to convey the artist’s own opinions or a social commentary in the most perfect manner possible. Nonetheless, they are always a delight to encounter!

“Art is humor, because reality is humor; and so, art as the essential showing of reality, shows reality in its humor.”

– Eli Siegel

Here on ARTmine, we have a number of international artists also exploring the delicate balance between socio-political commentaries and satire. Step outside the big box and contemplate these unique and potent works of art with us!

humor satire art

The Officials
Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 60″

Creating a surreal combination of the animal and human forms, John Newcomb uses his unique works of art to comment on the human condition, its values and vices. These hybrid creatures that he calls ‘beasties’ each maintain their own personalities, covering both a variety of positions in human society and an array of animals.


humor satire art

The Social Workers
Acrylic on Fibra
29.5 x 39.5

“The true work of art is the one that looks at you from the inside, the one that discovers your intimacy,” says Donato Grima whose work treats the human body itself as a force of nature. Investigating much deeper social concepts, Grima is equally skillful with his inky creations as well as the contextual meanings they convey.


humor satire art

Family Reunion
Oil on Canvas
30″ x 40″

With her paintings, Marlene Kurland aims to reflect what it is to be human. Drawing inspiration from everyday situations and experiences, she creates realistic works that have a strong hint of impressionism. “I’m a true romantic and I’m a real people person in my personal life and in my art. I love to create people, engaging with them, and challenging myself to really feel what is going on between my subjects,” she says.


humor satire art

Luxury IV
Photograph on Fine Art Paper
15″ x 15″

Finding humor in everyday life and social encounters, Estelle Choe creates digital works of art that trigger contemplation and participation. She refers to herself as a “conceptual image builder” and aims to create works of art that leave “a lasting impact on one’s mind.” The main factor that makes Choe’s work stand out is the complexity of the images, each with multiple layers, both in terms of the number of photographs used as well as the context.


satire humor art

Graphite, Acrylic, Spray Color & Collage on Canvas
19.5″ x 19.5″

“My art comes from the impulse to show emotions,” says Italian artist Rocco Cardinale. Making use of both intuitive expression and text, he creates collages with emotive, gritty, and honest portraits of mankind. With a contextual twist to street art, Cardinale evokes a sense of primitivism that speaks to the universality of the human experience. “I need to represent the modern man not as a person but as a feeling,” he says.


Dive into the world of humor and satire, and explore the wide selection of artworks available on ART-mine.

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