Women Artists Special

Celebrate the Womens’ History Month by watching these specially curated spaces come to life with the artworks of our highly talented female artists!

Why do we not know more about the great women artists from the past? It could be because of the social standards of the days past and the prevalent use of male pseudonyms, or because the art historians at the time did not believe in sharing the limelight with the fairer sex. Whatever the reason may have been, we know that the women artists of today have more than made up for this gap in historical discourse.

While we leave further discussion of the past for another time, in lieu of the Women’s History Month, we would like to celebrate by showing off the works of some of our highly accomplished female artists in actual interiors, photographed by no less talented Liana Hayles Newton.

Isabel Conde Marin
On the Road

Energetic strokes and a combination of grace and mystery define the works of Isabel Conde Marin. Almost minimalistic in nature, her paintings are often pared down to a few essential lines and shadows, and yet manage to convey so much. “I try to keep my pictures balanced and elegant,” says the artist. Marin’s balanced and elegant artworks are perfect for contemporary, austere atmospheres.

Mahnaz Weldy
Field Of Dream

“I did not find painting, painting found me,” says self-taught artist, Mahnaz Weldy. Oscillating between purely abstraction and figurative works, she has a strong sense of how color can add depth and movement to a painting. Installing a piece as emotionally powerful as this in your home will take you on spiritual and contemplative journeys every single time.

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Rita Galambos
Between Dimension III

Creating a beautiful amalgamation between abstract and figurative paintings, Rita Galambos’ body of work is nearly always bound by water, which she sees as a conduit for her own emotions. “I try to be very smooth and ethereal with my art,” Galambos says. “I also try to paint fast to ensure my current feelings are captured in the painting.”

Wendy Gillespie
Southern Plains 2 and Fiord 2

The mesmerizing paintings by Wendy Gillespie transform her native New Zealand’s landscapes into expressions of her own. “New Zealand has beautiful, provocative scenery everywhere,” she says, and brings the beauty and drama of that scenery into focus in her works. “I am attracted to realism, dramatic lighting, and rich color, allowing people to feel something when they look into my paintings,” she says.

Sandra Mueller-Dick
In Balance II

Viewing the enigmatic abstract works by Sandra Mueller-Dick is almost like looking at music. Creating captivating rhythms with her brush strokes, color palettes and textures, the feelings and moods she seeks to convey leap off the canvas and allow her viewers entry into her world. “I try to speak directly to the inner life of my audience, helping them to know and stay in touch with who they are, and to find that which can bring comfort and solace to their lives,” says the artist.


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In light of the celebration, we collaborated with another woman artist on her way to tremendous success, Liana Hayles Newton for this particular Curated Spaces post.

As a professional photographer for the past ten years, Liana Hayles Newton has focused on interior design, real estate, and portraits as the subject of her work. She also enjoys lifestyle and travel photography with an eye towards the details that make a person, home or location unique. She currently lives in Greenwich, CT with her husband and their two French Bulldogs.
You can view more of her photographs on her website.

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