Black History Month Special

Celebrate the Black History Month with us with these intriguing and contemplative works of art!

The Black History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements and accomplishments by Africans and African-Americans. It is a time meant to create awareness about the contributions of the Africans and African Americans in history and today.

Although every day is an opportunity to recognize the success, creativity, and perseverance of all people, we are happy to contribute to the honoring of this important month by sharing a little bit more about some of our incredible African and African-American Agora artists. Each of these artists comes from a different part of the world and a different background and even artistic style, but what ties them together is the influence that the African culture has had on their work, whether it’s been through their own experiences or through the stories of family and friends.

black history month

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 18

Sydnei SmithJordan channels the pain and strife she has experienced during her childhood into a powerful and imaginative art form that she calls ‘Pop Fusion’. “The main impetus of my work is liberating one’s mind, self, and society.  I reach deep into all that is true in myself and my unconscious mind, whether it is an experience or a dream,” she says.

black history month

Acrylic on Canvas
21.5 x 26

“My main source of inspiration is pain. I started drawing because of a heartbreak and used this emotion to make beautiful things. However, even though, my art is born from pain, I want to use it to create joy and happiness,” explains Expressionist painter, Cedric Cocoyer. His minimalistic works are an intriguing blend of African tribal art with Keith Haring’s unique style.

black history month

Letter To A Friend
Oil on Canvas
30 x 30

Gail Comes grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan among jazz musicians, dancers, writers, and painters. The fascinating world naturally sparked her creativity and its influence is clear in her bold, surrealist portraits. “I see a body or a face that grabs me and I try to grab it back!” says the artist.

black history month

Echos, Utha and Arizona and Iowa Earth
Earth on Board
48 x 48

Using earth as his medium, Madai Taylor creates the most beautiful works that address contextual themes like disintegration and reproduction. “The Earth as a material that lends itself to an immense range of tone, nuance, and texture which I manipulate to create thought-provoking, and non-subjective artworks imbued with history, spirituality, and the struggle of mankind,” explains the artist.

black history month

Rumble Seat
Oil & Charcoal on Canvas
48 x 36

Raised in South Africa during the apartheid era, Berenice Michelow began painting as a way to express her opposition to the injustice of that system. However, as life progressed, she turned her focus toward creating an intensely personal vision that uses a sharp eye for color, mood, and texture to give life to political and social situations.


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