A Touch Of Teal

Explore the magic of teal in these curated spaces and get inspired to give your home or office space an oceanic makeover!

The echo of the ocean and its mysteries, Teal has recently become a favorite in the world of interior design. This mixture of blue and green is highly appreciated because of its ability to blend in with any style, traditional or modern, and the versatility the range of its hue provides. Whether it is a gold-framed mirror on a muted teal wall or a black and white modern painting against a vibrant teal backdrop, the color adds life both to its surrounding objects as well as the room in entirety.

Explore the magic of teal in the curated spaces below and get inspired to give your home or office space an oceanic makeover!

No: 8
Fariba Baghi

Iranian artist Fariba Baghi’s work explores the relationship between the human body and nature through an intense and energetic abstraction. No: 8, with its earthy tones and just a hint of teal, fits in perfectly on this vibrant backdrop. The addition of teal to any space automatically lightens the mood and atmosphere of the space and can have a positive effect on the mental well-being of those residing or functioning in the space.

Vision In Blue III
Sandra Mueller-Dick

Sandra Mueller-Dick’s paintings are essentially a transformation or deconstruction of figurative subjects into a dreamlike, enigmatic paintings comprising of bright, bold pigments and expressive brushstrokes. Vision In Blue III only adds to the energy in this office space while also enhancing the atmosphere of the room in its entirety.

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Bimbi Larraburu

Creating an extraordinary world of depth and emotion within her paintings, Bimbi Larraburu’s lively artworks have a powerful physical presence. The varying shades of teal in Earth both compliment and enhance the pleasantly eccentric interiors of this space. The space in its entirety is almost like a deconstruction of the color itself.

Falling Mountain No. 69
Sherman Lin

Sherman Lin paints or rather expresses in order to connect spirit to nature. Most of his works are monochromatic and borrow heavily from traditional Chinese Ink Painting. Falling Mountain No. 69, with its abundance of white space and enigmatic movement, is a picture-perfect addition to the sunny teal wall in this space.

Yellow Sky 001
Noel Ortiz

Puerto Rican expressionist painter, Noel Ortiz creates the most lively and beautiful abstract landscapes. Using a bold color palette and defined brushstrokes, he uses his art as a language to awaken the viewer and provoke him to confront the energy of life itself. The vibrancy of Yellow Sky 001 juxtaposed against the muted teal wall in this office space looks absolutely stunning.

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