Organic Images And Lasting Impressions – Clare Page

Clare Page’s photographs depict spaces within the world in a truly fantastic and extraordinary way.

Capturing the most mesmerizing images of the natural landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, Clare Page takes valuable lessons from the world around her. “Life is an inspirational teacher,” she says. “When I experience seasons of opposition, I thrive. I intentionally fix my focus on new locations, discovering exciting new destinations that will stimulate and strengthen my photographic skills.”

clare page
Clare Page takes inspiration from the areas around her.

The award-winning professional landscape photographer makes use of the natural effect of light and the intrinsic mystery of the winter fog in her vibrant and captivating photographs. Her works instantly transport the viewer to that particular space and time. She has mastered the techniques of manipulating the shutter speed and making use of light as a natural filter. Clare Page’s photographs depict spaces within the world in a truly fantastic and extraordinary way.

Being a landscape photographer requires you to travel to remote places. Have you had any interesting or strange encounters while being alone in the wilderness?

Although I have arrived at most of my shoot destinations before sunrise, I have never been afraid of the dark. I research my locations and arrive ahead of my shoot, familiarizing myself with the area. As the light cracks the horizon I head off to where I’m going to shoot. I have a respect for my surroundings and I have never become blasé with what or where I am shooting.

The most incredible time I had was on a shoot in Victoria, Australia. My photographic tutor accompanied me to a remote location known as Dragon’s Head. It is a spectacular location, which involves a lengthy walk to the ocean. Dragons Head is a rock shelf with an outcrop of rock representing the head of a dragon, hence its name. The weather was inclement and the sea tempestuous, with a strong wind whipping the waves against our legs.

Periodically, my tutor and I sought shelter in a nearby cave-like rock to avoid being totally drenched. That afternoon the climatic conditions around us required intense concentration, perseverance, and determination. There was no thought of surrendering to the weather.  It was during that time, after going through an extended period of tumultuous conditions, my photography turned a corner. I knew the importance of pushing through to achieve the required results. So, although I wasn’t alone, it was an incredible experience and encounter with nature. Being exposed to its power and determined to come through made me a more disciplined person and a more dedicated photographer.

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clare page
Dazzling, Photograph on Plexiglass, 28″ x 42″

You travel a lot and meeting new people is an integral part of that. Do you also photograph the people around you?

As I travel to remote places, arriving and departing early, I don’t usually come into contact with many people. My passion is landscape photography, people, and travel in equal measure. When I meet people on my path, we exchange life stories and enjoy quality time in the country without always thinking to exchange snapshots of our time together.

In high-density photographic locations, my time is spent on arriving early to position myself in a good vantage point. During the height of the shoot, which is usually congested with photographers, it is a time of intense concentration as each photographer is intentional about securing quality shots. Under those circumstances, there is little opportunity to offer conversation until after the shoot is over. As the photographers start dispersing, I usually become conversant with people around me but this does not usually follow an exchange of snapshots. After a long shoot, it does not usually occur to landscape photographers to a take a photo of someone we have just connected with.

You talk about the relationship between art and music. Do you think your interest in classical music has influenced the way you look at things?

Music is where my creativity and my passion for color, travel, and photography was conceived. I grew up influenced by classical music as my mother was a fully trained opera singer. Classical music, a facet of art in itself, ignited my desire to explore and to expand my creativity in other areas of art, such as fine art photography. It has influenced the way I look at things as it involves discipline, dedication, and perseverance. Those qualities are instilled in me and, naturally, I interpret them in my photography as well.

Do you edit your photographs?

My intention is to accurately capture a hundred percent of the color and quality with my camera, thus minimizing post-production. My principle is ‘less is more’. I am usually intentional about what I capture and take a few images during a shoot, using a quality camera, lens, and filters.

I am evolving as an ‘organic’ landscape photographer where my style is as unique as my fingerprint. By this I mean effectively using my shutter speed and filters, naturally manipulating light in producing the finest caliber of photos possible. I edit my work in RAW in Photoshop only when required. I enable nature to do the rest for me.

clare page
Illumination, Photograph on Plexiglass, 16.5″ x 30″

Do you have a personal favorite among your works?

My personal favorite is Contentment, one of my more recent images. It was captured in the country during the winter months, on a road less travelled.

Contentment captures the imagination. The colors blend beautifully, weaving intensity and a balanced contrast. It takes the viewer to another time and place. One is drawn to the mood of the image; a true reflection of the light that morning. I knew the location and light were perfect and in-between the snow showers, I pressed my camera button.

clare page

Your photographs leave one with a sense of awe. Is that how you want your viewers to feel?

My intention is to leave a lasting impression. First impressions influence lasting impressions, creating memorable moments. I want my images to inspire emotions and to transport my audience to another space and place.

Individual interpretation is what inspires me to capture images that resonate within a person’s soul. I love to introduce dynamic light, which is an important leading line, adding warmth whilst it providing an invitation to indulge in the beauty of the image.

I believe that every image inspires a story. What’s your story?


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