Trending Art On ARTmine – Fall 2016

From lively abstracts to captivating expressionist works of art, find out what is trending on ARTmine this fall.

ARTmine has been having an incredible season so far. Abstracts and Expressionist works are what people are after this fall, and we’re not surprised. Both movements captivate the imagination, revealing a universe of possibilities in each canvas.

Take a look at these curated spaces with works sold by our artists to know what’s trending on ARTmine this fall!

A Horizontal Day I
Judy Howie Coury

American artist, Judy Howie Coury exhibited at Agora Gallery for Elixir of Nature, which ran from May 20th to June 9th and awed the crowd with her eye-catching color schemes and broad, long brushstrokes. Coury’s expressionistic landscapes are emotionally deep, infused with meaning and wonder, and incite poignant emotions from their viewers. This work is sure to inspire both excitement and tranquility in any room where it’s hung.

Hertigo View
Jan Kotka

Jan Kotka, a Swedish painter, exhibited at Agora Gallery for Modalities of Expression in November 2015. Influenced by his worldly travels, Kotka’s multi-stylistic landscapes draw from the artist’s exhilarating experiences around the globe. Kotka’s crowning achievement may be his beautiful ability to bring warm and familiar color palettes to his wintry scenes. “Hertigo View” will instill a sense of unity and focus in any space.

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#4 On the Winter’s Front
Andrée Levesque

Canadian artist, Andrée Levesque exhibited at Agora Gallery for Beyond Borders in 2015. Levesque’s works are inspired by his journeys to Europe and India as well as the art of Henri Matisse. Her expressionist paintings unite intention and process in every brushstroke, combined with rich texture, movement of the eye, organic lines, and generous curves to create a space-time exchange between artist and viewer.

War as Still Life
Terry Firkins

Self-taught American artist, Terry Firkins exhibited at Agora Gallery for The Manifestation of Milieu, which ran from December 1st through December 22nd, 2015. Firkins’ oil paintings draw from philosophy, American history, and the human experience. This work is sure to bring the spirit of its influencers, like Turner, Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Pollock, as well as Firkins’ highly sophisticated process and hard working attitude to any space that is lucky enough to house it.

The Ocean at Long Branch, NJ
Susan Marx  

Susan Marx, an American artist exhibited at Agora Gallery for Idiosyncratic Expressions. Marx’s current body of work was painted in Paris, where she spent a week creating art that reflects her plein air impressionist style. This painting, like the majority of Marx’s body of work, is an emotional reaction concluding in an explosion of color and brushwork that is sure to bring liveliness and conversation to its space.


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