Mixed Media

With endless possibilities, these mixed media works are some of the most expressive works on ARTmine.

Mixed Media is the cornucopia of the art world. It is a term used to describe works that are created using a combination of two or more different mediums. Right from the cubist collages of Pablo Picasso till the intriguing assemblages of Robert Rauschenberg, this particular style of art has only grown in popularity. Contemporary artists create to experiment, and what better option is there than mixed media to create a potent amalgamation of ideas and material?

You begin with the possibilities of the material.
– Robert Rauschenberg

With endless possibilities and a complete lack of restricting boundaries, these mixed media works are some of the most expressive works on our online gallery, ARTmine.

 mixed media

De l’Isle à l’amertume
Collage and Mixed Media on Wood
14″ x 14″

Sylvia Michault investigates life itself in her delicate and yet powerful collages. Using nature as a medium, she uses plant matter like leaves, twigs and flowers to create her works. This particular work, with its earthy color palette and scattered fragments of green, poetically reflects on the transient nature of all things and the fragility of life.










When The Sky Cries
Earth and Adhesive on Paper Mounted on Board
48″ x 48″

Using earth as his medium, Madai Taylor creates the most beautiful works that address contextual themes like disintegration and reproduction. When The Sky Cries is both chaotic and soothing at the same time. There couldn’t be a better medium than earth to convey emotions related to rain and gloomy skies.



mixed media

Flying Horses
Mixed Media on Canvas
39.5″ x 47.5″

Gita Levy’s works are a perfectly balanced amalgamation of a mastered technique and the depths of abstraction. She combines her knowledge of figurative painting with her ability to express with abstract imagery. This particular piece is a vision straight out of a dream. Mysterious and yet clearly expressed, Flying Horses is a perfect example of her unique style.


mixed media









Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas
72″ x 72″

With an extensive knowledge of Japanese culture and a background in ceramics, David Stanley Hewett produces the most extraordinary paintings using just two colors, red and black, along with the use of gold leaf. Ultimate represents balance, not just in color but also in the symmetry and the composition of the work.



mixed media

American Dreams
Mixed Media and Collage on Card
13.5″ x 12.5″

Our very own budding Rauschenberg, Gloria Bhargava believes in the power of art to comment on social and political issues. As evident by the title of the work, American Dreams is a reflection on racism and its consequences. Making use of the collage technique, Bhargava produces straightforward and yet contextually layered works of art.


Whether you are looking for nature-inspired pieces or are fond of conceptual works, there is something for everyone in our huge collection of artworks on ARTmine. Need help? Contact us at [email protected]


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