Cure Your End-of-Summer Sadness

Reminisce about the happy Summer days with these beautiful and delicate landscape works.

With today being the last day of summer 2016, we are already feeling nostalgic for hot days at the beach and warm summer nights. It’s funny, there were days this summer when we couldn’t wait for the cool, brisk air of Autumn to arrive. But now that summer is finally coming to an end, the feeling is bittersweet. Nonetheless, it is nice to know that even when the weather is cold and we start to long for summer again, a work of art can can easily bring back that feeling.

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost. “

– Henry Rollins

We put together a small collection of artworks that will have you reminiscing about the best moments of summer!


Old Boats
Digital Print on Aluminum
24″ x 47″

Josie Mengai creates artwork that is surprisingly sharp and detailed for watercolors. Now living in Brazil, the artist is inspired by the South American landscape, particularly the reflections of objects in water. Here, the artist paints for us a scene of relaxation and pure calm. The end of summer is a time for us to start thinking about how we want to finish off the year, and what goals to set for the upcoming one. Old Boats makes the perfect setting for personal reflection and being alone with one’s thoughts.



The Blue Bike
Oil on canvas
30″ x 40″

This work by Pennsylvania-based artist Nomi Knecht perfectly reflects the essence of a summer’s day at the beach. The artist used to visit Long Beach Island in the summers growing up, and often vacations to Montauk on the Jersey Shore. An expert at capturing color and light, Nomi exemplifies the carefree feel of summer. The casual position of the bike with the ocean beckoning in the background reminds us, city-dwellers, of all the beautiful places outside Manhattan.



September Night Sky
Oil on canvas
24″ x 36″

The work of Alison Barrows-Young is about exploring the “being” of Earth as perceived through visual sensuality. The haunting forests and woodlands of her Northern Idaho home inspire her to create beautifully eerie works. The cool, vibrant colors are reminiscent of a chilled summer evening, camping in or exploring the woods. “The forest is the light’s playful partner, offering angled surfaces and gaps through which the light can fall, bounce, reflect, and absorb.”

Lily in Bloom
Oil on canvas
58″ x 46″

Helen Rosenkranz uses her imagination to inspire and challenge her viewers. The artist strips away the physical elements of a real object, revealing the raw emotions, movement and color in her work. Gently swirling colors are soothing to the eye and calming to the senses. Though the title suggests the presence of a physical object, the artist’s work is more of a representation of the object rather than the object itself, allowing the viewer to see what he or she wants to see.



Ink on paper
39″ x 32″

South Korean artist Su-Jeong Nam has perfected the use of line as its own art form. Due to eyesight problems from an early age, the artist has always had to observe objects with extreme care, noticing the tiniest of details. This translated into an incredibly intricate artistic style. Though the subject of corn stalks is positively Autumn-themed, the color scheme and the title, “Midsummer,” imply a cool transition between the seasons. Su-Jeong uses lines to describe the essential harmony she sees in nature and the universe.


No matter what season is your favorite, there is something for every art lover in our huge collection of artworks on ARTmine.

Whether you are looking for nature-inspired pieces or are fond of conceptual works, there is something for everyone in our huge collection of artworks on ARTmine. Need help? Contact us at [email protected]


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