Design vs. Function: Choosing Where to Hang Your Original Painting

An original painting is a possession to be treasured, a unique conversation piece meant to enrich your home and your life. Through ownership, not ....

An original painting is a possession to be treasured, a unique conversation piece meant to enrich your home and your life. Through ownership, not only do you become forever connected to the artist who created the piece, but because you chose something that resonates with you, it becomes part of your own personal history as well. Oil, acrylic, watercolor, and other paintings can deeply enhance the look of your home. Original art pieces add interest and depth to any décor, whether modern, contemporary, country, or traditional.

When choosing where to hang your original painting, there are many factors that need to come into consideration. You want the art piece to enhance the room’s design, but you also need to hang it in a place where it’s safe and protected from potential damage. Here are some installation guidelines to follow.

Adding an Original Painting to Your Décor

When choosing where to hang your original painting, you want to place it somewhere in your home where it complements rather than detracts from your décor. By creating an overall effect of balance and harmony in the room, the focus will rest on the painting itself while still maintaining an integrated look. Pay particular attention to size and relationship. If you plan to hang the painting over a mantel or sofa, be sure the painting is no wider than that piece. Larger paintings work well on big wall spaces, whereas smaller paintings are better suited for narrower walls.

If you want the original painting to work as a focal point in your décor, be sure the room’s lighting works to emphasize that. Great options include track lighting or individual picture lights that safely highlight the image. You also want to avoid hanging the artwork too high. In most instances, original artwork is meant to be viewed at eye level. If you do choose to hang it over a sofa or other piece of large furniture, the ideal height is 6 to 10 inches above that furnishing.

Protecting Your Original Painting

Original paintings that are hung on the wall can be damaged without your even realizing that it is happening. This is why selecting a spot based solely on design considerations is not really wise. You also need to take into account the environmental conditions of that space, particularly in terms of temperature, air moisture, and lighting. There’s a reason that art museums and galleries are cool in temperature. Higher temperatures can lead to the deterioration of the painting, as can elevated humidity levels. In these conditions, original paintings become vulnerable to mold and mildew, and the paint can start to chip or fall off as well. Take care not to hang your painting near a heating vent, and if possible, run your air conditioning in the summer in that room. Persistently moisture-laden areas like the bathroom are usually not the best location for an original painting.

Lighting is another important factor to consider. Of course, you want the painting to be viewable in the best light possible, but too much light can end up fading or discoloring the painting itself. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Rather, lighting should be kept low as possible. Rooms that tend to collect dust are also not ideal for original artwork. Many dusts contain acids, which can damage paint. Wherever you hang your painting, be sure to dust it regularly, using a soft brush, never your hands.

Knowing What Space You Have

Before you go to purchase an original painting, look around your home first and envision where you might hang such a piece. Pay particular attention to environmental considerations, and get an idea of what your options might be. Then peruse the multitude of original art options in an online gallery like Art-Mine to find something that resonates with you, keeping in mind the space you have in which to install that piece. By planning ahead, you can avoid situations where you don’t have a large enough wall or an appropriate space.

Wherever you hang it, owning original art will bring you much pleasure. When you find that perfect piece and install it in your home in a way that preserves the beauty of the original work, you and your family will be able to enjoy it for generations to come.

Start exploring our original paintings for sale now, or contact us for tailored advice on finding the right artwork for you. This article was written for ARTmine by Laura Monroe.

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