Vanessa Vilchis

Dortmund, Germany

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Vanessa Vilchis displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_updated_at : 2022-09-20 16:44:24 UTC
ag_city : Dortmund
ag_region : Germany
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ag_artist_statement : Vanessa Vilchis, Painter. Senility, wrinkles, and spots, the controversy of what it means to be an old person. The evidence on our skin gets us closer to death. Life and death as coincidence or fate. My work reflects the meaning of the ephemeral, the quality of time, the need for the human body to deteriorate, and the inevitable loss within a plastic healing. I find the beauty in someone that is running out of time. We are the reflection of life´s progress. My personal story is closely related to my paintings. They have a common denominator, the uninterrupted subject of life and death, its physical and psychological process, strongly joined with what we usually call "destiny".
ag_biography : Vanessa Vilchis was born in Mexico City in 1994.Since she was a child, she has been dedicated to paint and create art, until reaching a Bachelor's Degree in“Fine Arts”. Trying to understand the art of her time, she certified in “Modern and Contemporary Art”. She is currently studying for her Master ́s Degree in “Arts and Culture Management” at the Rome Business School, with a clear conviction of getting into the Art Market. In 2014 she loses her mother, a fact that changed her life forever and from which Art became the most honest way to express herself within a plastic healing. She has a particular interest in portraying people, but it will not be until her terrible loss that she will begin her journey through spots and wrinkles. The idea of not being able to know her mother as an old person will be the main reason for her incessant questioning about life, death, and destiny. Vanessa suggests another way of reading about age, a different perspective to look at it. She always tries to show the movement, the inevitable process of the decadence of the human flesh, and its mental transformation. Her paintings have a vanishing intention and an exercise of evolution. She now represents an Association of Mexican artists in Germany and dedicates her time to sports and art.
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