Tatiana Volobueva

Milan, Italy

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Tatiana Volobueva displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
ag_artist_id : 58448
ag_updated_at : 2022-03-20 21:23:20 UTC
ag_city : Milan
ag_region : Italy
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ag_artist_statement : My first research started with creating in 2012 my first series of photography of russian orthodox icons where i was creating images of saints in photostudio. Then in 2013 I started my series of oil painting of pixel icons where i painted orthodox icon as they might be digital. With beginning of lock down 2020 I got a lot of free time to think about realisation of the project which i was thinking about for a lot of time - to draw the Gods and the saints as they arrive from the sky = they are aliens with the supernormal abilities and powers.
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ag_priority : 100
ag_featured_artist : false
ag_artist_firstname : Tatiana
ag_artist_lastname : Volobueva
ag_artist_tags : russian,she/her,italian

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