Talal Pascal Chadli

Paris , France

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Talal Pascal Chadli displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
ag_artist_id : 37985
ag_updated_at : 2022-03-24 01:10:34 UTC
ag_city : Paris
ag_region : France
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ag_website : https://www.artmajeur.com/talalchadli
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ag_artist_statement : My work has for main subject the look in other words : Reflection of Soul. Nevertheless the background in my paintings is also an important axis because through it I explore the so-called abstract painting where the painting is sufficient in itself , it is the subject. I use bright colors and try to give a feeling of speed and movement so that the look brings contrast by its expression and its colors. The Look that I paint is composed of brushstrokes which separately could be abstract and which together form a look identifiable by all. This Look appears as real while it does not represent a defined subject , It takes the form of mask , which can be considered as a talisman , the "Look" becomes a protection. We can also see a reflection there , hence the name "Reflection of soul ", the spectator is confronted with this Look which seems to invite the guest to an introspection , a questioning about himself. It is through this subject that I explore the art I have chosen , Painting.
ag_biography : With interests deeply rooted in graffiti, French artist Talal Chadli fearlessly tags his canvases. In search of freedom of expression, Chadli first experienced an adrenaline rush when completing a street painting. Since then, he has learned to communicate in a sophisticated visual language all his own, through emotive line work and dramatic color choices, which he expresses in acrylic, paint on canvas. He studied art at the University of Sorbonne, which Chadli’s works primarily revolve around the main features of the face: eyes, nose and mouth. Often featuring forms that resemble theatrical masks, the paintings possess a festive quality that enhances the psychological mood of the images. The eyes in Chadli’s paintings are often vacant space, functioning as a mirror and prompting the viewer to question if they are looking at the painting or if the painting is looking back at them. The relationship of the background to the mask is nearly seamless, as the two seem almost to become part of the same thing, neither having a distinctive endpoint. This expansiveness allows the viewer to imagine being enveloped in the color of the painting, playing a role which has been authored by Chadli, and written in paint. In his own words, “I use bright colors and try to give a feeling of speed and movement so that the look brings contrast by its expression and its colors.”
ag_influences : I had the chance to be born in the artist family therefore I was aware of all forms of art . Moreover I played music until I practice paintings. And I have a double culture which allowed me to have an opening on the world.
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ag_artist_firstname : Talal Pascal
ag_artist_lastname : Chadli
ag_artist_tags : Intensity,Colors,Strength,Movement ,Origins,Fullness,Contrast ,Primitive, Gross,Reflections,french,he/him

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