Susanne Herbold


Art can be the key to unlocking any door. Let it be the door of perception or the gates to the next levels of consciousness. I invite the viewers of my art to connect to the work in a way that they can still feel it when they close their eyes.

In these times, when nothing seems constant, it is art that offers people a way to broaden their perspective and discover new ways of seeing. As an artist, I am not only excited about the creative process but also the exchange taking place between the viewer and my work.

Through abstraction, I express my energy and mood, while conveying a sense of limitless expansion to the observer. Each work begins with color and texture exploration, using pastes, spatulas, brushes, and my bare hands. Every color has a different vibrational frequency and a wavelength and energy typical of it. I feel colors and their energy with great intensity and I love to apply them in different ways on the canvas so that they can communicate my intention.
My art encourages reflection and contemplation, focusing on the beauty of our existence in all its various manifestations–the colors of nature, the sound of music, or the verses of a poem. It's about devoting our attention to what enriches us and recognizing the daily gifts we receive on our path. Life, with its own beautiful flow, is always evolving.

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Changing Perspectives (diptych), 2023

Acrylic, pastel and spray paint on canvas

63" x 98"


63" x 27" each
from the series INDEPENDENCE

Slowing Down (diptych), 2023

Mixed media on canvas

40" x 88"


4" x 40" each
from the series PURE

Here I Am!, 2024

Acrylic, oil pastel and spray paint on canvas

63" x 47"


from the series: INDEPENDENCE

On Track, 2023

Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal on canvas

24" x 95"


from the series INDEPENDENCE