Stuart Ross

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After a decades-long career in graphic design and printing, I felt a burning desire to create with my hands and let go of the constraints imposed by commercial work. My early paintings were hyperrealistic; using acrylic paint, I sought to reproduce a photograph with as much detail as possible. However, over time I felt the need to add something different, something instinctual that photography could not produce. That's when I started using oils. Oils allowed me to paint more loosely, adding more texture, and abstraction to my work. My primary focus is expressive portraits and human figures painted in a style I would best describe as impressionistic realism. I paint whatever catches my eye; be it a beautiful woman, an atmosphere, or a certain look. Regardless of the subject, I seek for my paintings to ignite feelings of intimacy and love, although it is sometimes difficult for me to put these emotions into words. Painting gives me much joy, a chance to look within and search for beauty within the chaos of today's world.

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Secret, 2022

Digital Painting on Canvas

28" x 22"


Oracle, 2022

Oil on Canvas

20" x 28"


Allure, 2020

Oil on Board

24" x 17"


Body Of Expression, 2021

Digital Sketch

17" x 12"


Broken, 2021

Oil on Canvas

40" x 60"


Draped in Red, 2021

Digital Painting on Canvas

14" x 8.5"


En Rouge, 2020

Oil on Aluminum

32" x 24"


Figure Study, 2021

Digital Sketch

10" x 15"


Intensity, 2021

Digital Sketch

11" x 15"


Last Kiss, 2021

Oil on Canvas

60" x 40"


Nude in Turquoise, 2021

Oil on Canvas

24" x 24"


Sun Dance, 2021

Oil on Canvas

12" x 12"