Spencer Frazer

CA, United States

Since ancient times man has used art to tell stories and document history. My work follows in this tradition with a commentary around global climate change. Often using wildlife to create a point of view, the paintings depict the results of the human impact upon nature. They have us question what is and what will be.

Embedded with a unique visual language of intricate and subliminal patterns, my work bridges the literal and the imaginative. It is informed by NW indigenous art as well as other cultures. Many of my images are comprised and assembled from smaller bits of information. One of the underlying principles of the work is to create pieces where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. The details dictate assembly. Im fascinated by how the mind visually searches to recognize the familiar. I like to create a journey of discovery.

As a self taught oil painter, I create imaginative and vivid images of nature that use elements of man to create counterpoint and tension. Often the process is instinctual as I look for harmony and balance in my compositions.

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