Shantelle Vanterpool

MD, United States

I am a self-taught artist originally from Nova Scotia, now residing in Washington, D.C/Maryland. My creative inspiration is mostly drawn from travel, fashion design appreciation, and childhood memories. My artistic exploration is rooted in the interplay between structure and deconstruction along with the intriguing notion of how reality is perceived through various perspectives. My work often showcases a dynamic interplay of bold colors and geometric shapes, embodying an inherently optimistic outlook on life. My art installations, serve as portals and provide us with the tools to envision entirely different worlds. This allows us to revisit familiar spaces and reimagine them from fresh and unique angles. I frequently feature asymmetrical lines, circles, and a distinctive yellow Diddle flower, creating a cohesive thread throughout the body of work. I tend to describe my fearless use of color as the "fabric of my memories," weaving together a vibrant tapestry of my experiences and perspectives.

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