Sal Ponce Enrile

Millbra, California, United States

My art reflects the complexities of my experiences. It has guided me on this transformation from my former position as a legislator to being able to truly appreciate my authentic personal self. Painting has become a new voice or presence for me to express myself. The works I create reflect my experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, and things I value most: love of God and family. Exposing one’s self through art is very liberating—it gives permission to vulnerability. Art comforts the senses and purges them from unwanted tensions. I try to create my own style and identity by using different kinds of materials—some more unusual than others—and by playing with different strokes. I want to create some intrigue and mystery to my otherwise simple art. No more facade or barrier, just different personas through different artworks—pure, uncensored expression.

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