Sahar Khalkhalian

Vancouver-BC, Canada

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Sahar Khalkhalian displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_updated_at : 2022-05-18 12:44:37 UTC
ag_city : Vancouver-BC
ag_region : Canada
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ag_artist_statement : Turbulent series Started for me in a period of my artistic and personal life where I went into a phase of isolation and omitted certain things from my thought and life. Lack of attachment and dependency,helped me discover a new sense of self. These series of my paintings are figures that gradually stepped out of isolation,an the austerity while focusing on my self,is to explore the issue of isolation and loneliness. My paintings are my observations of people who are isolated physically and mentally in the crowd. Turbulent series in my life was a way to scape from the impass I dealt in my life,my paintings are my means to portrait this feeling. Media: canvas ,acrylic The "Naked Immigrants" Immigration is a concept that is dearly personal to me as it is something I've been through throughout my life. it explores the loss of identity immigrants go through when they are forced to leave their homes and dive into the unknown. Immigrants go through such hardships and pain that it often leads to them becoming mere shells of humans that experience a severe loss in identity. An immigrant loses its language. For an immigrant, its mother language turns into something personal and to be hidden within the dark walls of their own home. Their voices are silenced, their identities are stripped, and they are forced to restart their life completely naked. The figures I've featured in these paintings are symbolic representations of this loss of identity; The sculpted blank faces on the canvases, the clinging of the figures to each other, and the covered up mouths representing the forced silence. Media: Canvas, acrylic, molding
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ag_exhibitions : Solo Exhibitions: Ariyana gallery, Tehran-Iran (war and peace) Shirin gallery, Abu Dhabi Nov 2016 Shirin gallery, Art Miami Nov 2016 Shirin gallery, Art Miami Dec 2015 Shirin gallery, Tehran-Iran (Turbulent) Oct 2015 Aun gallery, Tehran-Iran(life cross words) Mar 2014 Aun gallery, Tehran-Iran(Men&Women to my eyes)Dec 2010 Seyhoun Art gallery, Tehran-Iran Oct 2001 Hoffman gallery, Lubeck-Germany(Early works) Dec 2001 Seyhoun Art gallery, Tehran-Iran Apr 1998
ag_priority : 100
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ag_artist_firstname : Sahar
ag_artist_lastname : Khalkhalian
ag_artist_tags : iranian,she/her

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