Reiner Ebert

Brittany, France

I am inspired by the human condition. I am convinced that humanity's natural state is to love.

And that we have been taught...Manipulated...To hate. Our negative emotions have been hijacked by those in charge- Amplified and allowed to propagate within society. I believe that we can learn to tame our dark side. A dark side that everyone has - yet not everyone recognizes exists within them. ....Perhaps with a little truth, love and forgiveness.

I take an idea; it could be a word, concept or social theme. Then, I try to break it down....honestly and truthfully. I want to simplify and reduce it down to one powerful image. My intention is to stir the pot - To say the things that others may be too afraid to say, and yet, desperately need to be said.

I want to use the viewers' natural instinct to judge in order to perhaps allow them to have a moment of self reflection.

My artistic goals require me to present the very worst of myself.....I know that I will be judged...But I am OK with this!....I know who I am. I know what is in my heart and where my thoughts emanate from. I want to hold up a mirror to my audience.

By judging me - The viewer will be judging me on superficial flaws and at the same time will be subconsciously and silently exposing and judging themselves. This is my ultimate goal as I realize that self reflection is the key to positive personal growth and change. I believe I can do some good in this world by challenging people's perceptions. That is my true intention here.

When reading my website. Please take this into consideration and understand that you are in fact reading my thoughts - Unfiltered. I am doing this so that I can remain completely transparent and gain the reader's trust. I know it is a risk. But one that I am happy and willing to take.

Please be aware when reading my site, that you are actually reading my thoughts. As I stated above. My artistic goals require me to be brutally honest and transparent- Qualities which are desperately needed in society right now. Therefore I am required to present the very worst of myself alongside the good in me. Please may I kindly ask that you take the time to read everything on my site before you make any judgements about my character. I hope you understand where I am coming from and are not put off too much.

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