Norio Shiraishi


The reason why I create paintings is to be free and to be an active work that is not done on someone else's orders.

Self-enjoyment, which is also the title of the solo exhibition. There is no word for self-satisfaction in Japanese. It's a phrase I made up. In a sense, it is my thought and philosophy.

To fully enjoy myself requires the environment in which I was born and raised. The place, the time, and the relationships you have lived up to now How will the person I cultivated in this way use the person I am to create work?

In the current environment, how can I make the most of who I am as a human being? In a way, it may be an experiment in which I use myself in my creative activities.

Another important element in creating a painting is the word. Unfortunately, I am not a poet, so it is difficult to express everything in words. Since I am a painter, I can only depict pain, sorrow, kindness, and happiness that cannot be expressed in words. I myself feel that there is a limit to what I can say in words.

That's why I draw. This is because I believe that there is something in a work of art that transcends words and directly reaches the heart. Chaos, madness, silence, and grace are the four elements of my paintings.

All of these concepts are elements of beauty for me. I believe that my paintings maintain their brilliance because I am constantly aware of these four elements.

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Mixed Feelings, 2016

Oil stick on paper

30" x 30"


Weak People, 2022

Oil stick on paper

21" x 15"


Mr. Nobody, 2022

Oil stick & acrylic on paper

9" x 6"


Be Kind to People, 2022

Oil stick & acrylic paint on paper

15" x 15"