Nikah Benne

NY, United States

Art is my liberation! My sole purpose to create is to use the innocence that was embedded into me from my birth continuously. Without shame in my adult years, a poetic notion to be free mentally and stay true to me. To rid my life of fear, betrayal, past focus, hate, and self-sabotage. The beautification artist delivers to the world through Dance, Music, Poetry, and Visual Arts is a treasure. As a Visual Arts, Designer and Mother my total encompassing ability to create is to leave a light-filled mark on the world. Painting is my soothing agent! A way of escape from the clutter of the things that go on in the world. The greatest escape! And why wouldn’t a human want to escape the things that happen on this planet where it doesn’t serve our highest potential? My paintings and style serve that. I convey my public display of affection towards the unmarginalized and invisible within society. I share light towards the calm and cool nature of those within the African Diaspora. I highlight women, men, children, and parenthood.

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