Mushegh Grigoryan

Yerevan, Armenia

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Mushegh Grigoryan displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
ag_artist_id : 37922
ag_updated_at : 2022-03-20 21:23:20 UTC
ag_city : Yerevan
ag_region : Armenia
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ag_artist_statement : I developed a very unique style and understanding of myself and of the world thanks to an interesting mix of a background of cybernetics with art. I have great admiration for nature, for portraying the beauty of flowers and trees in all seasons. I am an avid plein air practitioner. Along with that, being an expressionist in my nature, my abstract works are provocative and impressive due to coloring and technique. Another favorite theme for me is portraits and figures. My favorite materials are acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Generally, I like having 5-6 unfinished works and work on them simultaneously, switching from one to another, and sometimes they are of different styles.
ag_biography : Mushegh Grigoryan is an Armenian artist with a background in both cybernetics and fine art. Mixing the mediums of acrylic and oil, his abstract expressionist works illustrate the ever-changing motion of urbanity. The use of bold gestures and color fill the canvas with drips and strokes, which allows a rich density to occur within each piece. The blend of range, style, and color saturate the surface with layered details. The recurring shapes held within the paintings appear to be inspired by the aesthetics of plant, animal and city life, as well as are influenced by theories ranging from that of relativity to existentialism. Influenced by the structures of communication, which the study of cybernetics allows, each painting converses with the next. The paintings are often made simultaneously, as the artist works on many canvases at once, facilitating a narrative-like coherence between them. Also working as an avid plein air practitioner, the artist seeks to commune with the outdoors and the movement of life in public. The rhythm of the gestures exudes the noise and happenstance of every day, in the center of any major metropolis.
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ag_exhibitions : Solo exhibitions: 2016 – Together with Consulate General of the Republic ofArmenia in LA, Los Angeles 2016 – UN Armenian Office, Yerevan 2015 –Charitable exhibition together with AGBU, Yerevan 2008, 1998, 1994 -Yerevan 2004 – Cite International des Arts, Paris 2003 – Russian Cultural Institute, Vienna Group Exhibitions: 1985-2015 – Artist’s Union in Armenia 2002 - Int Art Promo, Barcelona 2002 - Art Festival, Tokyo 2001 - EuroArt, Barcelona 1990 – Armenian artist’s Exhibition, Switzerland 1987 Moscow
ag_priority : 100
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ag_artist_firstname : Mushegh
ag_artist_lastname : Grigoryan
ag_artist_tags : armenian,he/him

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