Manolo Ferrer

Escaldes, Andorra

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Manolo Ferrer displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_updated_at : 2022-03-20 21:23:20 UTC
ag_city : Escaldes
ag_region : Andorra
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ag_artist_statement : I work in the world of glass 15 years ago. I work the glass cold using the techniques of leaded and tiffany. I work the hot glass with an oven, I make the painting in watercolor and plasma with glass making up to 5 baked, they are light boxes. My great work is a chapel of 7 meters by 3.5 capacity for 30 people ... all made in leaded windows + tiffany + fusing it takes 4 years to make it the structure is made of iron. I work the glass because it is a different language than painting my works transmit light and color at the same time THE TRANSPARENCY plays with us. You have to see them to feel them. Trabajo en el mundo del vidrio hace 15 años. Trabajo el vidrio en frío utilizando las técnicas del emplomado y tiffany. Trabajo el vidrio en caliente con horno , realizo el cuadro en acuarela y plasmo con vidrio haciendo hasta 5 horneadas, son cuadros de luz. Mi gran obra es una capilla de 7 metros por 3,5 capacidad para 30 personas...toda hecha en vidrieras emplomadas + tiffany + fusing tarde 4 años en hacerla la estructura es de hierro . Trabajo el vidrio por que es un lenguaje diferente a le la pintura mis obras transmiten luz y color a la vez LA TRANSPARENCIA juega con nosotros .teneis que verlas para sentirlas .
ag_biography : Manolo Ferrer, Spanish-born and currently residing in Andorra, is an artist who has been working in the world of stained glass for 15 years. Utilizing the leaded and Tiffany techniques in his pieces, Ferrer, a master of the light box, first paints the intended picture in watercolor and then translates the design using both transparent and colored glass. He is mostly inspired by nature, often bringing paints with him on runs so that he may document any landscapes of note that he encounters. When he transfers his work to glass, though, the paper becomes obsolete. Ferrer’s pieces are elegant, and he strives to use light, color, and tone to make his glass appear as naturalistic and three dimensional as possible. And as a deeply emotional person, he aims for his consumers to briefly remove themselves from reality, from the horrors that face our modern world, and to imagine that they are experiencing the world of his glass designs, to completely submerge themselves in the sensual beauty of what the earth has to offer.
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ag_artist_firstname : Manolo
ag_artist_lastname : Ferrer
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