Mahnoor Hussain

RI, United States

My work explores the juxtaposition of traditional miniature painting and contemporary narrative, highlighting the contrasts between the past and present.

It combines modern authenticity with the timeless elements of Indo-Persian miniature painting. The subject matter of my latest body of work is dealing with the idea of infertility and what being female means without the ability to reproduce.

The complexities, ideas of physicality, trauma, sexuality, and mental health are some of the topics I am exploring in my paintings and drawings.

Historically, art and fertility have an age old relationship. The concept of creation and life is at the root of most religions and cultures. Being female instinctively labels you as a child-bearing instrument.

Your identity and purpose in life is predefined by your sex at birth. In modern times when we are becoming more aware of globalization and social issues pertaining to present cultures, equal importance is required for self-realization and personal identity.

The issues addressed are of an emotional disposition and portray the psyche and struggle of individuals. As much as it is a journey of introspection, the hope is to connect with the self and at the same time foster a bond with others by shared experiences and to create a safe space for such discussions to be held.

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