Magda Malkoun

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I explore the psychology of connections formed amid displacement, drawing from influences like Gibran, Klimt, Modigliani, and Picasso. Fascinated by human dynamics and their impact on societal and environmental exchanges, my work reflects the oscillation of our experiences. It delves into understanding identity and the potential for transformation in nations, acknowledging the dual nature of collective memory. Through carefully curated photo collages, I craft portraits of diverse women, embodying cherished memories and cultural visions—a testament to our culture's endless possibilities and a message of hope and acceptance born from my journey of self-discovery.

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Resting Astrate, 2022

Mixed media on canvas

78.5" x 51"


Storm Rider, 2023

Mixed media on canvas

55" x 35.5"


Ambition, 2022

Mixed media on canvas

39.5" x 39.5"