Luis Masana Arenas

Alvaro Obregon, Mexico Df, Mexico

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ag_city : Alvaro Obregon
ag_region : Mexico Df, Mexico
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ag_artist_statement : Luis Masana Arenas I started at 10 years old in classical drawing classes and although I have painted my whole life in an amateur way. 14 years ago Idecided to dedicate myself professionally and full time to painting. My studies were in business administration and in the artistic part I studied photography in Mexico city At the beginning of my professional career in art, I experimented with a photo-painting technique that gradually disappeared until I only reached oil, acrylic mixed media painting and sculpure. My father painted all his life and he and the teachers of the time of "the rupture" who were his friends and frequented my house and his study was undoubtedly my greatest influence. Photography and literature remained as great hobbies. Many of my works come from photos that Itake, likewise the literature on social and cultural issues of Mexico and Latin America are reflected in my work. My work has always been figurative expressionism and the evolution is towards simplicity prioritizing color. The Mexican social context is always present in the work, inequality, death and despair mix with the color of my country At the same time my palette has influences from modern European art given that part of my family were of Catalan origin which allowed me to live a biculturalism that is found in my work. My first contacts with art and museums were at an early age in the city of Barcelona My main influences on art are very variable depending on the time I live but the German expressionist group de la Puente have always been present as well as W De Kooning and in more recent times the works of the Spanish artist Jorge Rando and Manolo Valdes
ag_biography : A Mexican artist Luis Masana has been a working painter, sculptor and photographer in Mexico City for the past 15 years. Over the years, his work has shifted away from photography to focus exclusively on oil and mixed media painting and sculpture. He employs figurative expressionism and the simplicity prioritizing color to create socially conscious works that focus on social and cultural issues of Mexico and Latin America. His palette has influences from modern European art, which he learned through the Catalonian side of his family. He draws influence from German expressionism and Spanish modernism, and his palate is specifically drawn from the European modernists. Masana has exhibited his Urban Surrealist paintings and plastic sculpture works in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Mexico and the United States.
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ag_exhibitions : Enero 2013 "Mexico de Hoy" en el Museum Of The Americas en Miami, Florida en la cual obtiene el premio "Best in show" otorgado por el jurado del museo. Junio 2013 Invitado al "Beverly Hills Award, a Small Format Exhibition" en la galeria Untitled Proyects en Los Angeles, California. Octubre 2013 "Contemporary International Artists", Heights Art Studios & Gallery en Houston, Texas Noviembre 2013 "17 en L", exposicion individual en Aguafuerte Galeria, Col. Roma, Ciudad de Mexico Marzo 2014 "Echoes of twelve Latin American artists", La Llorona art Gallery, Chicago, Ill. Noviembre 2014 "Naturalmente Abstracto" exposicion conjunta con el maestro George Lillitsch Estudio Lofft, Mexico D.F. Octubre 2016 “El viejo y el Mar” expresion pictorica de la obra de Ernest Hemingway. MMA art gallery, col. Roma, Mexico, D.F. Noviembre 2017 * “Cuatro 4”, Colectiva Del espacio a la figuracion, Cuatro galeria, Tizapan San Angel. Mexico D.F.
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