Katja van den Bogaert

Giessenburg, Netherlands

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I am deeply drawn to exploring the relationship between the seen and the unseen. I believe that my inner world and outer reality are connected; that we create our reality. As such, my paintings are a reflection of my journey. In my studio, I work intuitively while painting; adding, layering and blending, until the seen and the unseen harmonize with my spirit and resonate with my soul. The inspiration for my work is nature, my environment, and water. In the Netherlands, nature is all around me and the beauty, and sometimes rawness of it is my starting point for creating. I aim to create a deeper connection to nature; for me, water is a very healing element. The highest, and most beautiful, expression of the water element is the human being with universal love and a higher consciousness rooted in wisdom. My creative process is not inhibited by my conscious thought; I create, respect others, and follow my heartbeat. I desire to create paintings that engage my viewers and trigger a sensory response. If you look long enough, see, and feel, there is a layered story within my compositions; a world that lies deep beyond the surface.

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