Jose Fernando González

Medellin, Colombia

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Jose Fernando González displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_biography : José Fernando González, is the name I would like to use in the promotion. My place of birth was in Itagüí a municipality in the department of Antioquia in Colombia, on June 20, 1961, and I currently reside in the city of Medellín. At this time of my life, I have a studio where I dedicated myself to create daily my artistic pieces both photographic and mixed assemblies of Sculpture and photography I dedicate myself to creating objects that convey stories of everyday life; works of art that mix photographs with digital edition to build surreal images. I bring these images to reality by printing them on unconventional surfaces such as metallic and acrylic adhesives with resins so as to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, which allow a greater interaction with it, opening many possibilities. With my work I seek to tell stories that mix reality with imagination, which transport to different places connecting with the deepest feelings. With my works I want to convey a little of the life of those who star in the images and show a new way of telling their lives. My deepest childhood memories are the stories my grandparents told me about the myths, legends, those heroes, who with their work and strength populated the different villages where they grew up, that inspired me to learn to see in common beings and The strength of a mixed race of indigenous and Spanish slaves flows. Over the years I treasured countless photos taken on different trips; in mangroves, beaches and forests; I met characters who let me into their daily lives, they showed me their way of life and they let me feel their soul a little. With these images I began to experience, without much fruit for a long time, until the last years, in which my spirit to investigate and my constant concern for new technologies, led me to mix these photographs digital interventions creating the dreamed atmospheres and situations with which I found my language, my way of expressing those feelings that I had captured in photos for decades. The most difficult point in my artistic journey was really to find a language that did not speak of misery and violence because for many years Colombia has experienced very violent acts, a language that speaks more of the common being, of its dreams and fantasies and to show that all human beings wherever they are geographically own their fantasies, after this it was easy for others to believe in my work and identify with many of the situations that I raise in my work The most rewarding experience for me as an artist has been to reach the soul of all those who have fallen in love with my work whether they bought it or not. Therefore I understood that my work has been refined and is of a very good invoice. I want my work to reach other countries and thus open my market internationally.
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