John Mark Luke

Round Rock , Texas, United States

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by John Mark Luke displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_city : Round Rock
ag_region : Texas, United States
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ag_biography : John Mark Luke is an Austin, Texas area based artist, native to southeast Louisiana where he was born in 1961. Throughout his childhood, John was always attracted to the aesthetic nature of his environment. Although, an “art world” was totally unknown to him at this time, it was the process of taking a concept from imagination, to a drawing on paper, or a sculpture made up of anything from scrap wood to used bicycle parts that gave him his greatest satisfaction and sense of self. It is his belief that art is not optional, it is necessary. Art not only enhances the environment it’s placed in, but also affects individuals within that environment. Culture: I have to be genuine to who I am as an artist and in my art. Basically, I am a blue-collar person. I have no causes to address or no political points to make. My work doesn’t address race, creed, color, gender, or nationality. I like to think that the cause of my work is simply the power and possibility of creativity. Everyone’s included. Hardest point in my personal artistic journey: The hardest point of my artistic journey was spending a great part of my early adulthood chasing what others consider “responsible” life endeavors. As a young family man I tried various vocations such as, sales, electrical/AC technician, and a few attempts at earning a college degree in whatever major that seemed of “substance” at the time. And oh yeah, did I mention “sales”? Looking back, even though I wasn’t successful in these ventures I did learn from them. It wasn’t until I was in my early thirties, married with children, that my mother convinced me to give college one more try. This time I initially chose to major in Psychology. However, it was when I found my way into a creative arts building that I knew I was home, finally earning a degree in Graphic Design. Gratifying experience: While I do love being a graphic artist, it’s the physical labor invested in creating sculpture that I find most satisfying. Just after my 50th birthday I entered an “art chair” competition. The rules were “no rules; you just have to be able to sit on it.” So, I built a six-foot tall, eight-legged, steampunk spider chair that I titled “Spiderpunk.” To my surprise, “Spiderpunk” won the Best in Show award and my journey as a sculptor began.
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