Ellen Globokar

Chevy Chase, MD, United States

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I spend a lot of time thinking about the piece I want to create: the palette, mood, movement, and feeling I want to evoke. My inspiration comes from nature, particularly the colors and atmosphere of the seashore as well as landscapes. I begin by tinting Japanese paper with water-based dyes and acrylics, adjusting the hue and tone, until I find the right combination. In order to achieve different textures and depths, I arrange pieces of varying thickness and shapes, adding a touch of metallic paint for a shimmering effect, where needed. Sometimes I put down each piece carefully like a puzzle, having planned much of the design ahead of time, but I will just as often work instinctively, responding to the last piece of paper I put on the canvas. For me art is a meditative process, a search for calm and beauty I discover in the soft pinkish tones of a marine sunset, the gentle lull of a water lily, the contemplative solitude of a summer afternoon.

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