Elke Jungbluth

Köln, Germany

Movement is a fundamental part of my being. I consciously build it into my daily routine from the moment I wake up. Movement helps us stay healthy. Movement is life; without movement there is nothing. Movement saves the world, a task too ambitious for any of us. The movement of music is especially inspiring for me. In my studio I only listen to Beethoven, a rebel who defied the musical laws as I defy the predominant techniques of painting. In my art I find the nonexistent on the terrain of the colorful world, based on the principle that “movement follows shapes.” Drawing on my architectural background, I lay down the structural foundations of the work with the underpainting, as support for the free-flowing chaos of joyful twirls and curves. My art is designed from within, as I consciously or unconsciously surrender to the movement of life. In movement there are encounters and events that make our life worth living, be they positive or negative. These experiences shape us and it is precisely these shapes that I create on the canvas, conjuring an atmosphere that draws the viewer in, inviting them to indulge in their dreams or, at best, live them.

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