Dylan Reynolds

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

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ag_artist_id : 51209
ag_updated_at : 2022-03-24 03:20:19 UTC
ag_city : Alexandria
ag_region : Virginia, United States
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ag_website : http://dylanreynoldsart.com/
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ag_artist_statement : I have always been inspired by the beauty of the natural world, combined with the complex intricacies of our modern society. I first fell in love with art through charcoal drawings, using the natural, rough texture to draw the outside world. As my personal and political interests grew, so did my mediums. I started using oil and chalk pastel, oil paint, traditional printing techniques, film photography, and other mixed media to create pieces that reflected my expanding interests. Over the past couple years, I have been exploring how women are viewed and treated in society. My hope is to help create a solution by exposing the double standards and injustices that women face every day. I have always believed that art has the power to make people feel and empathize, which is ultimately what I hope to achieve.
ag_biography : Emerging artist, Dylan Reynolds has experience working with oil and chalk pastel, painting, and photography. Skilled technically in a variety of media, her preferred medium is charcoal. Reynolds’ work depicts realistic scenes and observations often taking a dynamic approach at portraiture. She regularly takes commissions for portraiture or individuals and their loved ones. The artist holds a studio degree and is inspired by movements throughout art history. She is particularly drawn to the subject matter of feminist artists such as Barbara Kruger and Judy Chicago. Aesthetically, the artist draws from art movements which centered around precise and scientific line-making and composition resulting in predominantly non-abstract artwork. Based in DC, the artist is inspired by nature and the various dynamics between women and modern society. Through collage and juxtaposition in her portraiture and artworks, Reynolds explores concepts such as the daily injustices and double standards that women face in their daily life. Reynolds hopes to inspire empathy and understanding through depicting new perspectives in realistic scenes and questioning the familiar.
ag_influences : Ancient Cave Drawings, Impressionist Painters, Modern Art, Michelangelo and Feminist Art Movement
ag_awards :
ag_exhibitions : Solo Exhibitions: 2010 Sala Aversa. Barcelona 2011 Centre cultural La Bòbila. Hospitalet. Barcelona. 2014 Centre cultural Tecla Sala. Hospitalet. Barcelona 2019 Escola de Vela de Mataró. Mataró. Barcelona
ag_priority : 100
ag_featured_artist : false
ag_artist_firstname : Dylan
ag_artist_lastname : Reynolds
ag_artist_tags : Modern Society,Natural World,Charcoal Drawing,Impressionism,american,she/her

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