David Roberts


My recent collection Pressed in Time reveals biodiverse landscapes in microscopic detail. It celebrates the overlooked but fundamental elements of life itself. Wildflowers, pollinators, and other insects are exposed, revealing the magnificent beauty of their interactions in our natural world. Fragile patterns of organic form are deeply ingrained in all the pieces. In the past few years, I have focused on invasive species of insects, such as locusts, which have recently invaded Kenya, causing devastating effects on the local agriculture and communities. Other subjects featured in my latest work are dragonflies, Desert Rose succulents, and lanternflies. My technique is a process of development, using mixed media, incorporating rice and tissue papers, acrylic paints, inks, and refined beeswax. Each of the layers is incredibly fragile and as delicate as the wings of an insect or petal of a flower. Through a meticulous process of superimposition, I explore the simultaneous effects of color, translucency, and light.

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