Claudia Behrensen

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Over the years, I ventured into different artistic disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, fashion production, design, and photography. What I always loved and enjoyed most, in all these branches of art, was the previous creative process, the research, the making of the scenery, and the writing of my thoughts, doubts, and ideas, I would say the backstage of my work. Regarding sculpture, as I work with ready-made, I love to search and find discarded objects or materials in the streets or the junkyard, and have fun imagining how to transform them, through my art, into something different for which they were created.

I like to assemble and create spaces, to build worlds were not only people can watch but also interact with my artwork, through touch, sound, having an immersive experience, and being part of it. That s why, when I make a photo exhibition, I also use, most of the time, to add some performance or artistic installation in the space, related to the theme that I address.

Anyway, photography allows me to create all kinds of scenery and environments, which can sometimes look real, but that only exist in my imagination. I love creating new worlds to reflect on some theme, to share them with others, where they can feel part of it, abstract themselves from everyday life, connect with what they are observing, and living, through art
Art is for me a creative game. which, I love to play freely without limits or prejudices.

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