Chatarina Salomonsson

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Chatarina Salomonsson displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
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ag_artist_statement : As a victim of childhood trauma and domestic abuse, I have harnessed the healing power of creativity throughout my life. While I have been a dancer, actress, and model for many years, I picked up my first brush in October 2018. In February 2019 I started making paintings of women: beautifully-clad dancers before a performance, lovers locked in a passionate embrace, sensual female nudes. I work with acrylics and mixed media on canvas, panel, and paper; alternating thick impasto with smooth detailed renderings. Through the use of contrasting textures and bold colors I highlight the emotional intensity of the composition. In light of my traumatic past, I have become a staunch advocate of women’s rights. In my work I affirm their power, strength, and resilience; offering solidarity and hope.
ag_biography : I am a girl from northern Sweden who today loves to paint, which I have not always done, or rather never have to say. It only "happened" overnight. My story. October 2018, I bought my 1st brush and pan node. Have never painted before, or been interested in it. Did not believe in myself. So I got acquainted with the colors and sought out technology and inspiration. February 2019 I took the courage to try to paint women, strong women and found inspiration from the dance, from my life. Continued my search with bodies, naked, with clothes. Want to share with me a feeling that touches. That grabs you, where you feel the strength, the love and at the same time a colorful explosion and emotions that touch. Touch all the way to the outer tip of the brush. There, right there, we unite, you and me. So in February 2021 I celebrate 2 years as an artist. 2 years, as a self-taught creator, who sees the beauty in every expression, individual and feeling. I paint in acrylic and love thick layers where the feeling I want slowly emerges. Then I can continue several more layers. It is life that is in all layers, my life
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